The “Violation” Story Challenge

Since I can never drown out other people’s conversations (and probably don’t want to), I permanently overhear some fragment of someone’s conversation. I was in Starbucks when the young girl walked past me and said casually, “No one can violate him but me.”  I immediately tweeted what I heard because I was sure someone else could use it for inspiration. Immediately Oleander Plume tweeted that it should be used for a story. Almost like a dare that was too hard to resist, I suggested we use the line to write stories for each other’s blogs. Oleander of course, wrote hers right away. I lagged a bit, but FINALLY I finished mine so we could publish them simultaneously. So from the beautiful mind of Oleander Plume, a tale of violation:

The Kingdom Falls

 by Oleander Plume

“No one can violate him but me!”

The king’s protests fall on deaf ears. Oh, how the mighty have fallen. I pick the slave up from the floor, he’s trembling and sobbing. The guards look to me for instruction.

“Take his highness to the dungeons and lock him in the coldest cell. I’ll take care of this one.”

He’s filthy and bruised, yet still the most beautiful thing I’ve ever seen. Skin like cream, eyes as dark as night. Yes, I’ll take very good care of this one.

“Master, you needn’t bother yourself with such vermin, I’ll take the slave to the gallows.”

“No, Cedric, he’s the king’s favorite plaything, and I have greater designs for him.” I stare into King Vlad’s steely gray eyes and sneer. “Think about all the wicked things I will be doing to his sweet body while you rot in prison.”

“You wouldn’t dare!”

“But I would, you can count on that.”

I pull the slave closer and run my tongue down the side of his face, while keeping one eye on the king. His eyes narrow, his cheeks turn purple, and he violently struggles against the hands that hold him back. The handsome bastard is so enraged, he could probably spit fire. Nothing else I have done today has caused such ire, not even when I lopped off the queen’s head with his majesty’s own sword.

“That creature is my property!” Spittle spews from his mouth as he bellows.

I yank my short blade from its sheath and press the tip against the king’s neck. “You are no longer in charge, of anyone, especially him.” I smile as a small bead of blood coats the edge of the blade. “I should make you watch.”

“Bastard!” The king’s eyes glitter with rage, but he holds his head high, ever the true, haughty monarch. “The citizens of this land will revolt, and I will take back the throne. And when I do, you’ll be the first to be drawn and quartered in the village square.”

I spit in his face. “Your citizens will rejoice while you dance in hell’s belly.” I pointed to the door. “Take him away, the sooner the better.”

The king wails and struggles, but he’s no match for my men. I stop one of them, and whisper in his ear. “I want you all to take him, as painfully as possible. Leave him screaming and covered in your fluids.”

Giles grins wickedly. “I’ll make sure he screams loud enough for the devil to hear.”

The slave is on his knees, shaking like a newborn lamb. I sling his frail body over my shoulder and carry him to the stables. After choosing the king’s best steed, I ride off with the young man draped across my lap. The grime covering his body turns my stomach, and I am happy to come across a small pond that will serve as a proper bath.

I strip away his ragged clothing, then remove my own. Cradling him gently in my arms, I wade into the tepid water, the feel of his naked flesh against mine stirs deep longing. He’s so frail, so wounded, I can’t go forward with my desires, not yet. But as I struggle with my inner turmoil, his fingers dance over my skin and his sweet lips caress my ear.

 “Elyan, I knew you would save me.”

Oleander told me that this story was a teaser and it is–the best kind! I need to know more about these characters, I especially need all the titillating bits fleshed out to the fullest! But then I am the kind of girl who overhears suggestive phrases in Starbucks…

Fortunately, Oleander is one of the most prolific writers I know, so continue to follow her blog. Or you can follow her on Twitter where she is generous with her wit and writing. If you visit her blog today, you can read my take on violation


  1. Oooh, you big tease you! I like this, alot.
    I tried my hand at writing fantasy fiction years ago, maybe I’ll take up where I left off(oddly I have a similar scene already written as part of that story, although the ‘slave’ wasn’t rescued!)

    Flip xx

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