Wicked Wednesday #107 — YKINMK

“So this woman is a collector of my photographs, and she came on to me at her house party. Everything seemed fine, and then she showed me a chair she had that looked like a woman. She told me that she would love for me to replicate the chair for her,” Fiona smirked. “I am as kinky as the next girl, but I am not going to pretend to be a chair!”
Eliza smiled at Fiona. Fiona was telling her the story both to distract her, and let her know she was not going to stand in her way with Rafe. Rafe was not as injured as her. In fact, he was able to leave the hospital in a few days. But she had been there longer. Rafe seeing her injured had been lovely to her as well. He was still angry, but he would sit and hold her hand. His being there spoke loudly of their relationship, his hand a warmth she needed.
Her physical injuries she would recover completely from, but she was broken in a lot of places.
She had a private room, and that was nice for the moans she emitted without wanting to. It was awful at night when she was left alone to rest. Her wet eyes would stare out of the window, succumbing to her pain.
“You need your rest Eliza,” Fiona said after she finished her story which detailed the kinky things she had done with the collector.
Fiona placed a soft kiss on her forehead, and Eliza closed her eyes so Fiona would not see them water.
When Fiona walked out, she closed her eyes tighter to will sleep and escape her pain.
The shuffle of feet on the floor startled her, because the nurse had already taken her vitals while Fiona was there.
The hand on her face made her start, and in the dim room, she saw him.
She wanted to jump into his arms, but his hands moved down her neck and shoulder softly.
“Hello beautiful,” Oscar caressed her face.
“I am not beautiful,” she groaned.
He put his fingers to her mouth.
“You are my beautiful,” he said.
She was happy Fiona had helped her into a nightgown of her own, and that she had nice cleavage in this one that was deep-blush colored.
“You are beautiful…”
He sat beside her.
“I snuck in after Fiona left because I did not want anyone to see me and…”
Eliza nodded, knowing.
“I read in Shanghai about the accident. I saw your name, and I had to get here and make sure you were going to be okay.”
“I will be, just a lot of broken bones and rehab, but I will be.”
“I knew you would be for me. Eliza…”
He took her hand and kissed it over and over. When he stopped his kisses, her pain resumed which had been suspended in the moments before.
“I haven’t stopped thinking about you.” she said quietly as if words too loud would cause her more pain. “I almost told Rafe about you before the accident…”
Oscar’s eyes widened, Eliza confessed everything.
“I could not lie, when he asked me if I loved you and then the crash happened.”
She closed her eyes tightly. The pain ruminated with the memory, and she ushered it away from her more fervently than a bull in Pamplona.
Seeing him made her realize how much she loved him, which was easy to forget when he was not with her. Being with Rafe made her feel the loyalty and faith that she had felt when she agreed to marry him.
“I love you,” she said simply not wanting to address her conflict of emotion. Love was supposed to be it, the thing everyone aspired to and when you had it you were supposed to be set.
But she wasn’t.
Love had crashed into her like the car that left her broken, but nothing would heal exactly the way it had been.
“I am back in New York now. When I said I had to come back, they said I was coming back anyway, so I could stay to nurse my loved one.”
Eliza needed him to love her. She squeezed his hand as tight as she could, his heat went through her like currents. Her desire for him was not lust, but for all of him body and mind.
She did not know how to let him go.

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photo via http://www.pinterest.com/richardhutten/forniphilia


  1. Whereas Malin loved the opening (which is indeed v good), I really liked the closing lines, especially ‘She did not know how to let him go.’ Been there, so the emotion resonated!

  2. The opening lines, the closing line… the story line. I love all of it. I just love how you keep on finding another twist in the story. Please keep on writing 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. This chapter was fantastic, from the brilliant way you worked in the prompt, to the ending line that punched me right in the heart. It left me melancholy, but also anxious for the next installment, I hope Eliza follows her heart. Team Oscar!!!

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