Sticky Note No. 5

This is inspired originally by Blacksilk–the entire concept. This particular note is inspired by the rain, and facts true and false. I executed it because of the lovely, lovely, lovely Marie Rebelle, who runs Wicked Wednesday and so inspired my last post too…

Transcript: the missing word is a caveat of writing on the train.

i don’t care if i get (wet). you don’t he says. i don’t. she opened the door where literally buckets fell on her of rain she had lingered with him until the sky darkened and the drops were thick before buckets, buckets poured on her. it was outside without looking back that she felt him, not the rain, but him and what it had been like to linger with him using the premise of the fear of rain to stay even though he did want her to go but she had to in the pouring rain except the rain was him.

photo of sticky note taken on the lap of f dot leonora while on the train


  1. There’s something deep to this note. A much deeper meaning that the words reveal when first read. Lovely!

    Rebel xox

    PS: Thanks for mentioning me and Wicked Wednesday 🙂

  2. This is very profound, in it’s own way….like Malin, I read this several times, feeling the words, experiencing the ‘rain’…..I love it, I hope you go further with this xx

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