Wicked Wednesday #109 — Shame

Severine tried her hardest not to shame Rafe for leading her on. She was as much to blame as he was in this case, she realized as she closed the door to the aircraft. The sound resounded like closing the door on Rafe, though it was clear that they were going to see each other again at some point.

She took a deep breath, and turned back to her colleagues putting on the smile she had as a model and in the small acting roles she had. An extra special smile since she was working with Eleanora, who had tried to shame her by saying she only did “beautiful” jobs. Even finding a vintage French magazine she was on the cover of, announcing she was beautiful like it was something to be ashamed of. Yet Eleanora herself was beautiful, and a struggling actress.

Walking down the aisle with an extra sashay. She noticed a man in a suit he wore so well, and blushed as if she was looking at him naked. Making sure to serve him when she and Eleanora pushed the dinner cart, she introduced and bid herself at his service. For the entire flight she sat alert and perched like an owl, ready to serve him in first class where he barely fiddled with the amenities.

When they were landing at Charles De Gaulle, Severine was distracted for the first time from him by a glimpse of the Eiffel Tower.


She had not been in Paris in a long time.

The man said goodbye in heavy American-accented French as he walked past her off the plane. His scent warm and clean like nothing she had smelled on a man before.

It startled her days later, when she recognized his scent and long body in her favorite cafe. She was even more startled when his eyes lingered with recognition.

“Flight 2127…” she murmured in English.


Severine smiled when he said her name, sure he remembered her name because of the beauty that Eleanora shamed her for.

“You remember me?”

“You were very nice.”

She searched his fingers for a ring with her eyes.

“It’s my job to make sure every passenger has a good flight.”

“Well you were extra nice, you made me smile.”

“I am glad…I don’t know your name?”
“Oscar, my name is Oscar.”

“Nice to meet you Oscar.”


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photo by f dot leonora


  1. I love this – it has a real Pan Am glamourous air hostess feel to it that’s really sexy. I’m so impressed too by how fluidly you adapt the story to fit the prompts…

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