Wicked Wednesday #110 – Online Chatting

Oscar had never really been one for online communication. He had probably believed the trend would end. It did not,
and now he was extremely interested in it. It was the only way he really communicated with Eliza, and now Severine.
Severine was just a friend for now, but they were attracted to each other. Yet as they chatted in person, and online they were both too hung up on their current involvements.
Though Oscar remembered the taste of her lips like wine that was still on his lips and he forgot, until he inevitably licked his lips. The sweet liquory stickiness revived on his tongue. He almost could have with her, but in the middle he noted how distinctly she did not smell like Eliza.
Additionally, Severine murmured to him in French how she was thinking about her ex or current?
They slept together chastely that same night. Severine discussed how her lover wanted her, and his other woman. Oscar could easily see how the man could want both. Now that he had not fucked her, it was all he could think about. He got excited when her name popped up in e-mail or texts.
She had just texted him that she was entering the cafe where they were meeting. Without her really making an effort, her walk was sex in Roger Viviers. The transparency of her black dress secretly revealed  parts of her that without showing too much, whet his appetite for much more of her.
She stopped in front of him, and they kissed twice on each cheek.
A slow Jacques Brel song played in the cafe, and he watched her fingers tap to the beat when she sat down.
“I’m sorry about the other night, I wanted to say that in person even though we have been chatting online. I’m sorry…”
She looked down, and he touched her hand.
“About what?”
“I’m sorry I told you all that about the man I’ve been with. And I am sorry I did not let you…”
She continued to look down.
He traced the vein on the inside of her wrist, her skin was hot and damp there. Their lips touched almost at the same time. His arms about her revealed the rest of her was hot and damp as well. He kissed her with more and more urgency. More than he was usually comfortable with in public.
Severine was warm and moist in his hotel bed. Soft and delicately perfumed with herself, since he had never smelled a fragrance like hers.
“Now, I am not sorry,” she said leaning on her elbow and looking warmly at him.
He caressed her cheek with his thumb, and pushed her hair out of her face. Kissed her as his answer.
This beautiful woman in his hotel bed, like how he had been with Eliza in Paris not long ago. Eliza was doing well after her accident, he had chatted online with her earlier that day.
Severine was not a replacement, her soft sweet arms about him joining them. Their kisses were even sweeter than before.
Now he knew how big the human heart could be…

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  1. Oh my goodness, I am loving Severine. The whole piece is so dreamy and.. honestly, I don’t have a regular word. It feels like deep, dark gold velvet on an antique chair, (sorry – really random, I know. Sometimes a visual is a more accurate way for me to communicate a feeling). Just so rich. Beautifully done.

  2. Oh, Oscar, you rat!!!! Sorry, I am emotionally invested in these characters. Loved this installment, just breathtakingly beautiful prose. Sigh. I am full of angst.

      1. I like both women. I knew something was fishy with Oscar from the first story, though he was not introduced. Maybe it was how easily Eliza was so easily seduced. I’m on pins and needles – waiting for Severine and Eliza to bump into each other.

  3. mmm Oscar really gets all the best, doesn’t he 😉
    And I wonder how long it will be before he – and Severine and Eliza – find out just how they are tied together, how intriguing the relationships are. Great write!

    Rebel xox

  4. I’m not sure I’m on the ‘What a rat’ team. I think you’ve done a beautiful job of suggesting that he can love more than one person.

    Am I wrong? Is he a rat? x

    1. thank you, i have written this story without an outline so things *happen* … i embrace the loving more than one person part too–yet i was torn while writing it…

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