A Darker Flame: Now What?

Now what exactly! When Chris of Stranded in Toronto said he needed a prompt for his deliciously named erotica meme A Darker Flame.…well I could not leave him stranded, could I?! I came up with this prompt, so that means I had to write a story…gulp!
Let me tell you this meme is amazing, and I am going to be a return customer! Getting to this point was half the fun! Below is what I came up with…

Adora embraced herself on the sand. She arrived on the island with three things as she was instructed, while she waited for Elijah to meet her after his conference. She had been with him in Chile for a few days, but he suggested she might like time alone to write.
Her notebook, a fountain pen and a book of Pablo Neruda poems she bought in Santiago were all she had. She bought the book of poems after she had visited La Chaschona, the home Neruda had named after Mathilde his wife. The wife he had written the passionate poems in her possession about.
Inside the bungalow she took off all of her clothes except for her corset which she bought in a Chilean store. Even without Elijah there, she was in a mood. Between her legs wound with desire she could not ignore. Absently, she caressed her notebook and the Neruda poems.
She was alone, but she felt surrounded by the spirits of literary icons like Neruda and Anaïs Nin. Adora was a huge diarist like Nin. She shared everything with Elijah, but the journal was hers. The things she did not, and could not share with him.
The wound pulse between her legs demanded attention. She ran her hand over the hollow of her neck, trickling her fingers to the softness that was her breasts pushed to the top of her corset. Her breasts were smooth, and she enjoyed playing with them.
Then she heard movement in the house.
The house belonged to Didier, Elijah’s boss who was letting let her stay there for the few days. But there was obviously someone in the house. She put her petticoat back on, thinking maybe it was housekeeping since the house was impeccably clean.
When she turned the corner barefoot, she gasped at the Didier who she recognized from behind.
She was very familiar with him from various angles.
“You’re not supposed to be here,” she stated bluntly without finesse.
“What are you supposed to be? Madonna circa her Like a Virgin period?”
Adora had to admit, she was channeling that look in her lacy white corset and petticoat.
“Elijah told me you wouldn’t be here.”
Didier looked her up and down in the lingering way he did that she hated herself for liking. He always looked at her like that, and it always made her tight as if knots of rope for tug of war were being pulled between her legs.
“Because I told him I would not be here.”
“But why?”
He walked toward her, and she tried to pretend like it did not affect her.
Elijah had a close relationship with Didier. And from the moment that she met him…that was when she began to have journal entries she could not share with Elijah.
“I wanted you here by yourself.”
Adora rubbed her eyes, sure she was dreaming. Didier whose name meant to be desired, was saying he wanted her there by herself. She could not believe this was happening.
Because she had dreamed it.
“Why do you want me alone?” She put her arms behind her back moving back toward the wall.
“I want you, and I know I shouldn’t so if I have you…if I have you I will not think about it anymore.”
“But I do not want you.”
He paused in front of her, and she stopped breathing.
“If it happens here in the house on this island, it is almost like it didn’t happen.”
Adora’s breath returned as she pressed herself against the wall. He followed her, and placed his hands on either side of her.
“But I do not want you.”
Both times the lie was weak, but she wanted to believe it.
“From the time I met you, I have not been able to see Elijah the same because he is with you.”
Looking into his eyes was a bad idea, she softened as she looked up at him.
“I’m with Elijah.” she reiterated.
His hands on her hips, he traced her shape through the corset.
“You are trying to act like when we kissed at the ball it was nothing.”
Her body even softer, she closed her eyes and swallowed when he took hold of her arms and pressed her to him.
Adora really thought she wanted time alone, but time alone would have been to write about Didier. To write about the kiss at the company ball, where Elijah left her with Didier to work.
Where she kissed Didier, then ran away pulling her gown up and acting like Cinderella. But instead of a pumpkin, she turned into a ball of desire.
Being with him right now scared her. She’d wanted to be with Didier on this empty island in her dreams, and now she was terrified.
Always the good girl, she had never been with a man simply because she wanted him. Especially if she was with someone else. She always dressed sex with love. Barely dressed now, she very much wanted Didier.
Stepping out of her petticoat, she pressed her breasts even more to his chest.
She did not want to talk anymore.
This kiss was not an accident, it was all encompassing her mouth sucking all the warmth from his.
“Take off everything except the corset, I like the way your breasts spill from the top.
Adora obeyed him, undressed except for the lacy corset.
He placed his hand over her bare triangle, his fingers played with her moisture.
“Let’s go outside.”
He took her hand, pulled a sheet from the bed and they slipped through the sliding doors. Didier spread the sheet over the sand, and got on his back.
“Show me what you want.”
Looking down at him, he looked so vulnerable. Adora saw her breasts push up all the more with the rapid beating of her heart. She sprawled over him, showed him what she wanted with his warm, hard body. Exploring different parts of him, she watched his face to tell what he liked and what he did not like.
She liked him touching her breasts, and that tiny spot between her legs where she would have to make a decision where she wanted him to enter her.
The sound of her racing heart and grunting anchored her as she made her decision. She had never been on top before, and every moment of it felt like a dream she was not waking up from.
Getting him in her and sliding completely down his shaft, her heart raced so that she was not sure if it was in her chest, or between her legs.
“I knew I would find you here!”
Elijah stood at the sliding doors. Adora was startled, but at the same time she was almost about to come.
“I knew I would find you here,” Elijah bellowed again with a revolver pointed.
Adora could not let Didier slip out of her, but she was frozen with fear and unable to absorb the desire that the etymology of his name demanded…

Darker flames can be found here:


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