Sticky Note No. 6

I was waiting on the subway platform, looked down on the tracks and instead of a rat…there was a woman’s single wedge. I curled over–carefully–to take a picture. I knew it was going to be a sticky, but not how it would manifest. The pen I wrote with was choppy at best, but I always type it out for you so…

The tattoo said “Monster.” She could not believe that someone would have a tattoo that telling if it was true. Looking at her wedge on the subway tracks, she herself wedged against the filthy column and him her thoughts were readjusted. Her bare foot on his shoe, so she did not have to step on the even filthier platform. Her hand on his bare chest not out of affection, but necessity to balance. She’d dared him to, he did. Disbelief filled her but secretly, she liked that he’d put her in that precarious position. A game like adolescents would play, but they were not. Her desire rose…

photo by f dot leonora


  1. That’s beautiful, and it’s beautiful because it’s a bit uncomfortable. You actually made me nervous – powerful to get a strong emotional reaction in so few words. That’s why I love your sticky notes 🙂

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