A Darker Flame: Reigning King

This is my second contribution to A Darker Flame. I love that Chris says to combine another genre with erotica, and since I am an ID addict, it was kind of a no-brainer what I would come up with…

Adora was heady from riding the waves of her orgasm, and now from being tied up on the bed. Elijah dressed all in black looked sadistic and terrifying, but alluring to her as he never had before. Stubble on his usually impeccably smooth face and open rage, he stalked about like a king.
Her emotions ran amok, since it was hard to know what to feel when she was being tortured by her partner. But as he kicked Didier again and caressed her cheek with the butt of his gun, she was completely terrified.
Didier was sullen and bruised. His battle to get the better of Elijah, had ended up with him being pistol whipped and smothered with chloroform.
Lying on her side unable to push her hair out of her eyes, she blinked as she studied Elijah. The sardonic smile on his face.
“I was not supposed to know, but I know. I didn’t know right from the start, but then I found out. I guess you both had a really good laugh at my expense. The silly scientist being betrayed by his lover and boss…” Elijah’s eyes were distant as his voice trailed off.
“Elijah–” Adora started.
“No!” Elijah’s voice boomed. “I don’t want to hear anything from you Adora. Not now.”
He stalked like a big cat to pause over Didier. Kicked him again.
“Do you like her tied up? She likes that you know, to be tied up. But…” Elijah leaned against the wall. “Might be the last time you see her like that. Might be the last time she is ever tied up. It’s all up to me. Whatever I want…”
Elijah walked across the room to the window. Adora watched Didier, his bruised jaw tense as he studied Elijah, holding his side where he was kicked.
“You’re not a man. Why because you have a gun? You’re a pussy with arms.” Didier spat out, saliva and blood trickled out of the corner of his mouth.
“You think you are going to psych me out? No Didier, the two of you have played enough games with my mind.”
Adora wanted to speak, but the way he had screamed at her before made her feel like she should not say anything and make him any angrier. She felt guilty for her part in this, but it had not been as simple as one man over another.
Elijah closed the curtains.
“I want to play a game now.” He turned off the lights. Adora closed her eyes with fear. When she opened them, she recognized her enlarged handwriting on the curtains. “Let’s see if we can guess who this is about Didier. You see Adora is sleeping with both of us–I just had her when she was in Chile. My tongue was all over that corset…”
He walked over to the bed, his nail dragged along the push of her breasts offered at the top of the corset.
“Exactly as I thought…” He moved his finger from between her legs to his lips and closed his eyes. When he opened them, he said as if there had not been a distraction. “Let’s read. Adora? You have to read so we have the right emphasis, don’t you think?”
Adora rolled on the bed, which was pleasure and pain in her present state of bondage. Elijah caressed her cheek again with the butt of the pistol. She tried to open her mouth, but tears filled her eyes and mucous and saliva flooded her mouth. Her own words came to betray her on the curtain: the description of what had happened in their Chilean hotel suite just before she arrived on the island…
“Stop crying!” His voice boomed again and she cried all the more. Her vision was blurry, as whiteness came like a cloud to her face…
When she woke up, she had no idea where she was for a moment. Until she saw Elijah dressed all in black in the mirror: the reigning king of her terror.

Darker flames can be found here:


photo via wikipedia


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