Sunday Snog #150 — Blisse Birthday Bash

When I did the Sunday Snog for Sommer Marsden, I thought the kiss meme was a one-off. How delighted I was to discover that it is a weekly thing! This week celebrates the 150th snog, and Victoria Blisse’s birthday. Victoria said it would be nice if a party could be figured into this week’s kiss, so here is what I have.

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Veronica liked looking at Gwendolyn when she did not know she was looking at her. She liked seeing how her daughter was when she did not know that she was there. In ways, looking at Gwennie was like looking at herself with rose-colored glasses.
Her daughter was everything she had wanted to be at her age but more so. Gwennie had been an apprentice at a prestigious dance school, and then was invited to be a member of the corps de ballet. She was not being a doting mom, she knew that Gwennie would be promoted to the ranks of principal before long.
Veronica looked in the mirror, she had to admit that she did look stunning. She had made sure that she would. Because she always made that extra effort when she was going to see Max. It was a celebratory night, the company’s gala and she made sure that she was impeccable in a floral cocktail dress that when she stood outside of the theater, she looked like she belonged as a sculpture in the garden. But inside, it was important for her to look good for Max as it always had been.
Even though they were not together anymore, it still mattered to her that he saw her as his beautiful ex. Their relationship by default had to be cordial, because he was on the board of the ballet company. They had met as dancers, and she believed that she fell in love with him on the stage up in the air in his strong arms. Even before they performed together on the stage, dancers really only saw other dancers because their schedules were such that they were always together.
The dissipation of their marriage had not been painful, it was kind of like agreeing that you needed a new best friend.
His new best friend, Chrysalis was a dancer in the ballet as well. She had been a part of the corps de ballet at a European company, and was extremely beautiful. Veronica could not take that away from her, so she always tried to look her best when she was going to see them.
But it was Gwennie that she watched as she worked the crowd. The dancers came out in their formal wear after their earlier performance, and walked about. At eighteen, Gwennie was too young to have any champagne, but her sparkling personality did not prevent her from wowing the gala crowd. It seemed she was in her element, and did not even notice her mother until she was right in front of her.
“Mom!” she smiled. It warmed Veronica’s heart to see that smile still, in the elegant young woman that stood before her.
Veronica held her daughter close in her arms, breathing in her sweet scent. Gwennie wore her favorite perfume, that smelled just about the same on both of them. It seemed it was a bit sweeter on Gwennie though. She closed her eyes as she squeezed her daughter, and she swore she saw roses behind her closed lids.
“You are beautiful, a beautiful ballerina. I cannot be any prouder of you,” Veronica opened her eyes, and looked at her daughter. she saw Gwennie’s eyes moistened, and she realized she had not been able to help herself but that Gwennie got so emotional when she gave her that type of accolade.
“Thank you Mom.”
Gwendolyn’s moist eyes dried up as she looked toward the young man that she recognized as the dancer she had partnered with. She took his hand,
“Nich, this is my mother Veronica Kidd. Mom, this is Nich Harrison, the amazing new dancer that I have been telling you about.”
“Mrs. Kidd, you don’t even need an introduction. You look so much like Gwen, it is a pleasure to meet you.
“It’s Ms. I did not change my married name, but I am no longer married,” Veronica smiled wryly. Gwennie had mentioned Nich, but seeing them now, she realized he was not just another dance partner.
“I’m sorry!” Nich said looking completely nervous, and Veronica had to admit she was pleased. She really hoped that Gwennie was not planning to do the exact same thing that she had. And she could see very clearly that it was.
Chrysalis walked up behind them, and kissed Gwennie. Veronica was happy that Chrysalis did seem to really have an attachment to her daughter, and Gwennie seemed quite a fan of hers as well.
“It’s nothing,” she said letting Nich off the hook for now. “It is a pleasure to meet you. You both danced like a dream.
Stars were brilliant in her daughter’s eyes when she said that, and Nich turned to smile at her.
Veronica smiled, but she felt her lower lip tremble a bit.
“Chrysalis,” she said as she kissed her cheek.
“Veronica, you look lovelier than ever,” Chrysalis said, and Veronica knew she was sincere. But looking at the other woman in her nude sequined form-fitting dress, it was hard for her to feel very beautiful.
“V is always one of the most beautiful women in the room,” Max said looking at her in the sweeping, lingering way she had wanted him to. She still felt like the young dancer she had been when she met him. Even though when they were married and he said that sentence, she was the most beautiful woman in the room.
He kissed her hand, and she knew that there was color there. Max still looked at her even after he let go of her hand, before he put his arm about Chrysalis.
“It is always good to see you V, especially when we can get together again to see our beautiful little girl wow the world.”
Max never hid his affection and love for his daughter. She went into his arms like it was home, and that would have been the thing that Veronica remembered that night, if it had not been for the other memory she would have.
Later after a glass of her champagne that Veronica permitted Gwennie to have, she saw her on the balcony looking down at the fountain below. Nich walked out behind her. He was twenty-one, so he could have a glass of champagne. They twisted their wrists around each other’s. To sip from each other’s glass.
But Nich surprised Gwennie. Leaning in to kiss her rich red lips, her face made up from the performance earlier. Gwennie did not need it, but with her lovely red lips, how could a young man resist tasting them? They put their champagne glasses down, and instead drank each other’s lips. Gwennie held his head, and looked in his eyes soberly. Her eyes filled with love…
Veronica looked away it was not something she should be seeing. She did not look back again until much later, and studied the champagne glasses that had been left on the balcony.


kiss via wikimedia

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