Wicked Wednesday #124 — Bad Sex

Severine held the phone in her hand, between her breasts. She had hoped to fly into New York, and see Rafe. She knew that it was ridiculous for her to believe that Rafe’s new relationship status was going to change anything between the two of them, but she could not help it.
There was a disconnect between her heart and her body, she knew in her head that there was probably still not going to be anything more. But her body had deeper cravings and forced her to desire more, to want what she wanted in the first place when she started with him.
The insatiable craving that she had for him now, was not based on their early encounters. She felt that maybe Rafe was right, and she should have known that there was something seriously flawed with their relationship. The odd times that he would choose to see her. He would come to her hotel when she was in New York, in the morning. The first time that they made love, he came nearly at the crack of dawn. She had not had time to put her contacts in, so she went to the door with her thick cat’s eyes frames. Bare without makeup and without a bra, unbrushed teeth, she greeted him.
He grabbed her breast not knowing she was premenstrual, and sensitive there. She groaned, he must have thought that that was her pleasure. Severine was torn because she wanted to be with him, they had talked about it…but she had wanted to look better than this. To feel better than this.
When he pressed her to the door of her closed hotel room, she kissed him and allowed tongue even though she had morning breath. The way that he grabbed her, she was not even sure he noticed because he wanted to have sex so much.
Her glasses fogged up, and they knocked teeth more than a few times with labored kissing If she had not wanted him, she would have felt helpless. Rafe was directing how everything was going, she went along with him. She wanted him, and she wanted what he wanted. He placed his hands roughly wherever he wanted on her body, and arranged her in the same way.
The sex was very orchestrated and quick. There was a feeling of pleasure in her for what had happened, more than there was pleasure while it was happening. When he left and she was in the shower, the water burned where he touched her because she remembered he had been there. The act had been so much more important to her than the sensation. Compared to everything that had happened to them since, she could say that it had been pretty bad sex that time.
But now, phone between her breasts, her clitoris throbbing just from what he said to her on the phone.
“When are you coming back to New York now that this flight was cancelled?” he asked her.
“Soon,” she choked thinking too much about the throbbing between her legs.
Rafe did not have to be near her now to give her pleasure.
Phone between her breasts, she closed her eyes. Now would have been a good time to talk to Oscar, but he was in Shanghai. All the men around her had secrets. Though finally she was hoping that Rafe’s secrets were open, as open as his relationship was going to be…

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  1. He must have wanted her very much to not notice her ‘state’ 😉

    And I must say, the way you ended this part made me laugh, especially when I saw what the next challenge for Wicked Wednesday is 🙂

    Keep on writing. I love this story 🙂

    Rebel xox

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