Sunday Snog #152

Veronica wrapped her arms about herself, still shaking from Max’s kiss. It was not the first time that he kissed her since they divorced, but this time it really shook her because he had not kissed her since he started seeing Chrysalis.
She walked onto the balcony and even though it was unseasonably warm, she continued to shake thinking about their kiss. Even though she had dressed for him to admire her, she had not expected to get this kind of response from him. The taste of his kiss was not lost on her, and now that she was freshly kissed she craved it all the more.
Her arms still wrapped about herself, she smiled when Gwennie returned to her, and frowned when she said that she was going with Nich.
“I can take your mother home,” Max said kissing Gwennie.
Veronica was silent. She wanted more alone time with him, but she was scared to be alone with him. When Max took her arm, she knew he knew that he had the upper hand. He knew that she still wanted him. She was going to take advantage of the fact that they had kissed, to fill the hollow that she felt ever since they had stopped sharing the same bed.
When they arrived at her place, his hand moved over her thigh. When she looked at him, she knew he wanted what she wanted and between her legs tightened with desire and need.
“Where is Chrysalis?”
Max kissed her neck.
“She knows that I am taking you home,” he said and the warmth of his breath on her neck replacing his kiss made her tremble.
Even with her breath unsteady, Veronica swallowed and looked into his eyes.
“I am not inviting you in.”
Max laughed, and she almost laughed with him.
“I don’t need to go in to do what I want to do…”
With the fogged up car windows, Max parked in the garage, and his hand grabbed her thigh. She was already wet, and shifting with anticipation. He cupped her inner thigh and shoved up her dress so that she was sitting practically bare assed on the car seat. When she lifted up to let him shove the skirt up over her hips, he slapped her bottom so hard it made her eyes moist with the sting. Made her even wetter since her body could not decipher the nuances of pain and pleasure now.
He kissed her again, and she was was certain she was dissolving on the seat. Veronica barely could think how to touch him because he was all over her. She had told him that she was not going to let him in the apartment, but she would let him in anywhere he wanted.
When his finger slipped inside of her, she gasped so loudly that he out his hand over her mouth.
“Someone is walking by!”
He kept telling her what to do this night, and it was driving her crazy in both a good and a bad way.
A whoosh of breath escaped her when he moved his hand, and she tilted her body so that he could have better access. His cheek was rough against hers, as he pulled her close.
“I want to come in with you.”
Veronica felt moisture at her thighs and starting in her eyes.
“What do you want?” she said her body slackening in the seat. Even though she wanted him, suddenly it nagged at her then what? He wanted her now, but then what? “What do you want from me?”
“I can’t stay away from you V, I never could and you know that. But every time we are together…we end up apart. But I will always want you.”
Veronica put her legs together, looked at him as she pulled her dress down.
“You better go home.”
Max stared at her, and she gave him a face that let him know she was serious. She pulled at her dress to make sure it was fixed right and grabbed her purse.
“V,” Max grabbed her hand.
“Go home Max,” she said shaking off his hand.
She got out of the car, and as she started walking to the elevator, he followed her.
“V, just let me come up and talk to you. I promise, I won’t try anything.”
“Say whatever you have to say to me here.”
He looked at her with a smile.
“Let me come up with you.”
Veronica sighed.
“You were the one who left me, you were the one who said that you wanted out and I told you I loved you. I always loved you, I never loved another man. Right now? I need to leave you.”
She got into the elevator, and down on her knees when the doors closed. Her heart and between her legs thumping like screams.

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fogged up window via pinterest

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