Kink of the Week, Oct 13-21: Stockings, Pantyhose & Tights

Maybe it started with the lace pantyhose I wore as a girl under my Catholic school uniform skirt, which caused a bit of a scandal because they were pink and my uniform was blue. My mother said that I would wear whatever she gave me to wear, so that conversation was ended quickly. But not my fascination with all sorts of hosiery. Particularly lace. I still remember the feel of that particular pair too…
I have so many pairs of pantyhose, thigh highs and socks, it is kind of ridiculous. I get excited in Duane Reade, when I see their back-seamed pantyhose. I have a particular love of those, and admire them on others as well. My co-worker had on nude ones with a black seam, and I wondered if thet were more risque at the top? The ones that say bite me in script? At Eroticon, I made small talk with a presenter because she changed her pantyhose–both sets were gorgeous. I giddy in Fogal when they have a sale, and have a pair of newly acquired Wolford thigh highs that take my breath away…
I like patterns and textures primarily, and anything lace is a must do. I literally have had a love affair with lace since I have known myself. I have a pair called Cathedral that I got from Anthopologie that are so stunning–there are no words. I also have a pair that looks like clouds painted by Magritte.
Hosiery is like a little secret, along with bras, panties and thongs or nothing underneath your outfit. I remember a crisp winter day that I was wearing thigh highs, and feeling particularly delighted about it–the too cool air whipping about…
I used to admire a man I worked with for his creativity with ties, hosiery is like a woman’s tie. Your character comes out with them, and I love that. I can project demure or flashy, I reinvent myself by putting them on daily.
I was rummaging through my homemade stock photos for my excerpt for my short story that is going to be included in the Chemical Sex anthology. I was looking for pictures of chocolate and as a chocoholic, I found lots of chocolate images. One was me with a chocolate cupcake, well my lace covered leg. I hate taking pictures, but I have several of my legs in gorgeous hosiery. That pair was a gift, people know how much I love hosiery so it is often gifted to me. Friends who went to Italy and Japan, have brought back hose for me. The Japanese ones were so gorgeous, even my friend who got them could not stop looking at my legs.
I cannot seem to articulate exactly why I am so obsessed with hosiery. In Paris, I was in Montmartre and about to take my descent into the Abbesses metro…but there was a hosiery shop and I literally was aching to buy a pair. But I knew I could order the brands cheaper in the States so I refrained. However the racing pulse, the shortness of breath and lust that overcomes me for a great piece of hosiery is always there…

Kink of the Week

photo of my leg with cupcake by f dot leonora


  1. I too love sexy hosiery and tights and stockings, and if given half a chance, I buy a pair. I have many pairs that I have bought and not even worn yet, because I forgot I had them. Buying them was more important than wearing them 😉

    Rebel xox

  2. Are those your legs in the photo? If so, what’s the tattoo on the ankle? Not sure if tattoos are my kink, but I think they look great on women.

  3. I loved this post! And I agree with you about hosiery. Vintage looking fishnets and back seams are my big weakness – I literally wanted to ask your coworker where she found the nude pair with the black seam!

  4. Now I want to compare stocking drawers with you… I have SO many… Maybe I will take some photos for you and next time we get to meet in person I will defo give you a flash 😉


  5. Two things I love: cupcakes and sexy legs in patterned hose! Love the image! 🙂
    Thanks so much for joining in the Kink of the Week and I hope you’ll play along again in future!

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