Wicked Wednesday #126 — The First Time

Fernande pressed her lips together. She had just sucked on the neck of a soda bottle, and Rafe could not keep his eyes off of her.
“Is my lipstick still smudged?”
Pressing her lips together and not even looking at him, Rafe looked at her glorious naked body which he had just been inside of. Her sugar plum lips looked amazing to him, as did her ass which stuck out as she bent in front if the full-length mirror.
Fernande sighed, and turned around to look at him. Seeing her full breasts almost made him hard again.
“You little pervert!” she laughed and pulled her halter dress over her head. “You can stay here if you like, nobody is here.”
Rafe stood up and kissed her, his hands on her breasts. He was not as shy as he had been when they were first together. It was his first time and he was nervous, but he knew he did not want it to go as quickly as some of his friends said it had went for them.
He caressed Fernande slowly and even though he did not think she was expecting much, he thought he pleased her a great deal more than she expected. He caressed her, and told her she was beautiful over and over. It was Fernande that grabbed him and caressed first his head, and then his shaft until he thought he would spontaneously combust. The first seconds inside of her, it was nothing like his hand or anything that he could have imagined.
He’d buried his face in her hair after, buried himself in her because he was in love. He’d been so in love with Fernande.
Fernande was his first love. Sandrine was his first real love. Maybe it was the lessons of free love that he learned from Fernande, that made him feel that he did not need to be tied down to anyone. Maybe because he had loved, and been kept at a distance.
He could still see Sandrine walking away from him in the bar hours earlier, now he was sitting at the bar and waiting for Eliza.
Eliza walked in, he could smell her sweet scent even before she was close to him, he had memorized her scent, sweet and floral.
She walked over to the bar, kissed him after cradling his face in both of her hands.
“Hey you,” she said caressing his cheek, and looking in his eyes.
Eliza was his first mature love, she had gotten the best of him. The best he could ever be, he had been with Eliza. And even that was not perfect.
He had just been texting Severine. Drunk texting, and he probably told her he loved her which was not a lie because he did love her. He did love her in a sort of way…
He kissed Eliza, her lips tasted of cigarettes and perfume. It was an odd mix, but he accepted it on her.
“I love you,” he said putting his phone down. He caressed her cheek and kissed her. Juicy fruit and scotch invaded their kiss, Rafe opened his eyes. On his phone was a picture of Severine’s lips, round as a cloud which made him think about them moving up and down his shaft. He closed his eyes again, and Eliza’s softness and eagerness made him forget about everything else around him.
For the moment.

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red lips via wiki commons


  1. Oh my goodness…. These characters are becoming as familiar to me as real people I’ve known. I’ve known a lot of Rafe’s and not enough Eliza’s and a lovely, interesting Severine. I love reading about them.

  2. I love how you mix the different lines in your story into one post, tell a lot but leave so much to the imagination too. Rafe is a lucky man to have known so many first loves 🙂

    Rebel xox

  3. What i like about this is that it shows no matter how many lovers or experiences we have there are still firsts all the time to be explored


  4. Wow, firstly … that lipstick mark has so much texture – just like the piece – I love how you’ve played with the idea of first loves without devaluing any of those emotions x

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