A Darker Flame: Masquerade

Adora was dreaming about the masquerade ball where she kissed Didier. She knew it was a dream, because she had the awareness of it as she walked around feeling past aroused and wanting to come. But she knew how things were supposed to go. Adjusting her mask, she saw a woman playing the piano naked, the piano player at the real masquerade was formally dressed in black tie. Other indications it was a dream in case she was not sure.
And then she saw Elijah as he was now on the island, all dressed in black.
With a mask.
She was afraid, but attracted as she was when she was awake. Attracted, even though he was menacing and she feared him. He grabbed her arms now, very tenderly. Their masks kissed before he kissed her. There was a crowd around them, but she could not see Didier. Deep down, she was not looking for him. Even at the actual ball she had been looking for Elijah. He had promised that he would be with her for the night, but she was alone. Maybe her dream was her penance? Maybe her dream was what her subconscious desired?
Adora did not know what to feel, because even when she was awake, she could not deny what she was feeling or had felt even while Elijah was scaring the hell out of her.
But now was a dream and she could be in control. Or she could let the dream happen to her. Her lacy mask grazed her cheek, as did her hair. Elijah pushed her hair out of the way, but not her mask. His mask was dark and stormy.
She followed him as he took her into a dim area, where there were more topless women and men with bowties about their necks serving champagne.
The actual masquerade had felt like it should have been something like this, and apparently her subconscious believed so too. Masks hid people, but exposed them too and there was so much of a sexual charge that accompanied it.
In a dark corner, that was only lit by a sliver of light from a curved lantern, Elijah stripped her except for her mask, and even though she was afraid they would get caught she did nothing.
Completely naked, her ass spread against the wall, Adora did not protest as Elijah unzipped his pants and pressed himself so hard to her she almost could not breathe.
“Oh,” she cried out holding him tight to her, before her hands slipped into his pants so she could feel a whisper of his ass thrusting against her.
But they could not, they could not. Stella whimpered.
In the dream sequence they were filming, they were supposed to make love and be exposed. But now they were exposed to the entire production.
The real masquerade was over.
Her affair with Elijah was now there for everyone to see.
“Take a break everyone. Stella, Elijah stay on the set.
Her mask was her only bit of armor. Stella savored the feel of him inside her. She had always imagined what she would do if she had been Adora, when Elijah walked in on her and Didier on the island in that scene.
Now she knew she would keep on fucking him. It was awkward to move away now, when it was clear that they had just made love on the set. Elijah handed her her dress, and then zipped up his pants. He took her hand as they walked over to Dean.
“I think we should keep it in. I think we should even leak it, that you and Elijah are a couple and actually made love on set…” Dean said. “This is not the first time this kind of thing has happened on one of my sets and I go with it!”
“It was an accident Dean, what happened. It was getting carried away in the moment. I do not want that advertised!” Stella said indignantly.
And to her masked face, Dean told Stella he would respect her wishes. But somehow the film leaked out, and the terse horror movie that she had signed up for became a porno practically.

Darker flames can be found here:


venetian mask photo by f dot leonora


  1. Masks hid people, but exposed them too… so true!

    Sexy & hot & beautifully written. Taking me from believing she will wake up at any moment, to where she’s actually shooting a dream scene in a film. Great!

    Rebel xox

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