Sunday Snog #153

Veronica looked down at her dress from the night before. Her fingers moved over it slowly, loving the feeling of the lace. The sensual feel of the lace made her think of the feeling of Max’s kiss, and she crumbled emotionally.
It had been hard last night to resist him. To not let him into the apartment. That was how it usually ended. She used to feel that if he still wanted her, that there was still a chance. There were couples who remarried. Max had always been volatile and hard to handle, that was what she loved about him.
As a dancer, he challenged the teachers and because he was so good, he got away with it. He had raw talent, and she was terrified when she had to partner with him for the first time.
Even though he was a rebel, he practiced hard and knew all of the moves, but he had a desire to add his own choreography.
He was holding her close once during their practice, and she looked up at him.
“That was not the part of the…”
“I just wanted to try something. Are you okay with that?”
Veronica nodded, she tried a lot of things with him and she always credited Max for making a better dancer out of her.
Her first gala with him as her partner, she was nothing like Gwennie had been last night. She was shy and retiring, Max sought her out when she was trying to leave.
“You know that you are the most extraordinary woman here tonight?Everyone is looking at you…”
When she looked at him, he looked at her mouth with an intense expression. The entire time they practiced, he never touched her in any way that was not professional even as he was dealing intimately with her body. But that look.
He put his hands on her hips.
“If you are leaving, I am coming with you.”
She put her hands over his.
“Come with me then, I have had enough.”
They left, and people looked at them on the New York City streets–her in her gown, him in his tux.
“You know that we are going to have to go back…” he said.
“Since when do you follow the rules?” she chuckled.
Max took her hand.
“I break the rules to makes things better, to better myself. Not to run.”
Veronica went back with him, and enjoyed the rest of the gala. Of the accolade for her performance. Of the time that she spent for most of the night beside Max, the promise of a kiss from him hovering over her all the time.
But they never kissed.
That night.
She went into the closet and looked for the dress that she had worn that night, and then remembered she had given it to Gwennie.
Kisses that she had received from Max since that night hovered over her now. She remembered so many kisses, including the kisses from last night. But she knew that it was time to let his kisses go.
Like butterflies, just to let them go, and watch all their colors as they faded away…

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butterflies via wiki commons

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