Sunday Snog #154

He missed her.
Since the night that he was in the car with V, and she had not let him upstairs he missed her. Maybe because he had not believed her at first. There were so many times that she said no and she meant yes. Teasing him, playing with him. But the moment he sensed she was not teasing he froze.
If she did not want him, it was his own fault anyway.
He saw Gwendolyn and Nich, as V probably saw them. They were a young couple in love. Everything about them, the way they looked at each other during rehearsal. The way they were when they were not in rehearsal. When Gwendolyn finally told them over dinner that they were dating, it was really not necessary for them to say so. Max tried to make eyes with V, but she was not looking at him. It was over the course of dinner that instead of being happy for his daughter, he was saddened that he was not able to make contact with her mother.
V would not look at him, and he never imagined that he would feel this kind of loss of her.
When they were a young couple, they broke up a lot. Married they divorced, but stayed connected not just because of Gwendolyn. But because they were always connected.
Even before they spoke to each other for the first time.
But at that dinner table, she never looked at him. She spoke very few words, and laughed when everyone else was laughing.
He wanted to touch her hand at the table, but he was afraid to touch her. Afraid how she would respond to him touching her. Looking at V now, was like looking at a ghost. He had kissed her when he saw her, at the beginning of the night. But he was not going to kiss her goodnight.
V was not his anymore.

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ghost via google images

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