Happy Chemical [se]Xy Day!

I have been published before, but there is no greater feeling. A creation of yours has been chosen for everyone to see, there is nothing more beautiful for an artist of any kind.
The beauty that came into my life, when beloved and treasured friend Oleander Plume asked me to be a part of her Chemical [se]X anthology. Invite only, the red rope raised–I was ushered into this amazing book! I saw the other writers who were writing for it as well, and my jaw dropped. Such gorgeous writers and me, wow! I went to Paris, hoping to find inspiration for the story, and the finished piece is one of my rare current projects that does not include Paris! But there is chocolate! The finished piece is the most accomplished and longest piece of fiction I have written, so personally a triumph.
But everything that has followed since…like I said most of these lovely authors alongside me are friends, or I have come to adore them as such. It has just been a beautiful process, with all of us just being supportive and equally excited by every phase of it.
And Oleander, my goodness. Oleander. I remember reading “Chemical [se]X” when she first posted it on her blog, and thinking this prolific woman comes up with the most amazing ideas! Aphrodisiacal chocolate?! When she expanded the idea to become an anthology…I mean what a beautiful mind!
Chemical [se]X really has been a labor of love–and chocolate! It is available for sale today, and I invite you to taste the attraction. All of the stories here are mouthwatering like your favorite bonbon. Why let me give you a sample!

This is from my Chocolate Covered story:

Rupert nodded, and she ordered the food online. When she finished, typing with a flourish, she noticed that he looked at her longer than he usually did.

“Yes, I am hungry…” he said, and put his hand on her shoulder, his hand lingering, his fingers that she had admired splayed a bit. “You look like a chocolate bonbon, like on the cover of the box…” He went to pick up the box, but then his hand dug more into her shoulder. “You feel like an Acme bonbon tastes, like chocolatey silk. Kind of like that other company says their chocolates taste, and they come close, but ours really feel like silk. You feel like that.”

Lotte tried to stand up again, but his hand did not move from her shoulder. It was not that he was trying to force her down, but more like he was not able to keep his hands off of her. She put her hand over his.

“Rupert,” she picked up the box of chocolates from the counter. “You ate chocolates from the new line… the new sexy line…”

He stared at her as if absorbing what she was saying, his hand digging deeper into her shoulder.

“You put them out on the counter? You wanted me to want to fuck you?”

Lotte felt a rush of heat. She wished she was that devious. Yes, she did want him to fuck her, she realized, but not like this.

Chemical [se]X is available today on Amazon in the US and the UK, so you do not have to wait a minute longer! Also you can visit our blog and Tumblr, and follow our Twitter.

Make it a Chemical [se]Xy today!


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