Kink of the Week, Nov 1-15: Piercings and Being Pierced

My mother said I could not get my ears pierced until I was sixteen. Like any prohibition, I was obsessed with the idea. I had clip-on earrings, though clip-ons were never as pretty as their pierced counterparts, but I looked hard to find the really pretty ones. But they always fall off, and I was probably the only girl who did not have pierced ears in school. I was always was prepared to launch into explaining why my ears were not pierced for inquiring classmates.
Sixteen arrived, and surprise, surprise–I did not elect to have my ears pierced. I decided that I did not want to have any holes I was not born with. As an adult it is less of an issue that I am not pierced, except when my boss gave me extremely beautiful green earrings for Christmas only to discover my ears were not pierced. I exchanged them and got a gorgeous black sweater in their place, so all was well. It was amusing.
Having pierced ears as a woman is a norm, at least one being expected and more piercings personal preference. Men with piercings was an aberration when I was growing up, but which ear he had pierced was indicative of his sexuality which I find not to be the case any more. Nose piercing is not as much of an aberration as it used to be, but it is not necessarily expected. I used to wear a nose ring when I was sixteen–a clip-on one–so people actually thought my nose was pierced.
I do think about other body piercings sometimes, like what does it feel like to have your nipple pierced? Your labia, your penis? Do you ever just want to idly pull at the jewelry like you would twist a ring for comfort, or because you are nervous? What does it feel like? Do you forget that it is there? Do you fear snagging it like I did my nose ring which was always very painful? Are they necessary jewels that you feel naked if you are not wearing, the same way I feel naked if I leave the house without perfume?
Piercing is a choice, I think it is lovely if you choose it and lovely if you do not. I choose not, and it is not something I really think about. I feel if I wanted to do it I would have, like anything else I have a burning desire to do. I get it done.

Kink of the Week

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