Sunday Snog #155

Harley told her that he had noticed her all along. Even when she did not notice him, the way he described it to her. He did not sound like a stalker, but it was clear that he had noticed her for quite some time.
“I was at the gala the other night and I saw you, you looked amazing,” he began.
Veronica remembered seeing Harley there, and he had looked dashing. His company partially sponsored the gala, so they had met before and he was always the epitome of gracious to her.
“You looked so amazing,” he continued. “I wanted to finally say something to you, Veronica, but I saw you kissing Max and I knew there was no place for me.”
When he said that to her, she remembered the night that she had kissed Max. The last time that there was that kind of candy-coated sparkle between them. She was embarrassed because she did not think that anyone had seen them.
“Don’t worry you were not making a scene, only someone who had been looking at you as hard as I was that night would have noticed. Someone who looked at you with that much longing. You know, I always wanted to say something to you. I was always eyeing you. But your heart was never clear, until recently. I know what it is like. I was once in love with a woman like that, and the only way to resurrect your heart is to meet someone who makes you want that again. Not in the same way mind you, but that…that je ne sais quoi. You are that certain je ne sais quoi for me, now seemed like the time to tell you.”
Veronica knew exactly what he meant.
It had been awhile since she had let Max out of her life. He could never be completely out, because they had Gwennie to share. But for her to be with him was not something that she desired anymore. It was weeks of soul searching, and going to bed at night curled up in a ball. The desire to have his body, to let him make everything better with his body.
But this time his body would not help, she did not want it to help at least this time.
She had not abandoned the hope of Max for decades in her life, being without him was something she thought she was never going to be able to do. Or at least it was not something that she thought about.
Without him was surprisingly more seamless than she had expected. Her life was amazingly full, and she was not even thinking about love. Love she figured, was going to have been something that she had had and would treasure what it had been as an experience.

Harley had given her his card, inside of her hand it felt like a small fire that wanted to be ignited as she closed her fist about it.

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flame via wikimedia

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