Kink of the Week, Nov. 16-30: Dirty Talk

I finished NaNoWrimo today, and it was gratifying. I had fallen off in my word count after a lovely start, but then I got into the mode. When I finished, it was almost anti-climactic because I was nowhere near finished and I am going to have to revisit it. I like the things that I wrote, and I was happy that I finally understand what a draft is. None of this is indelible, it can all be reworked and at some point I will work on it.
I wonder if I am going to work on all of the dirty talk that was in the novel? Candyland, which is what the novel was called is extremely erotic. There is a lot of dirty talk between characters, with me using words that I have never used in my fiction before. If I did use the words it was very intermittent.
There are slang terminologies for all of the body parts which I always avoided. I remember being a little girl in Catholic school, and cringing when I heard the words pussy and dick. It was like those are not the words, why can’t you say the words? Once in the girls’ room as sophisticated as I thought I was since my mother had told me about sex without me asking at a very young age, there were more sophisticated girls than me. Including the girl who was coaching me how to say penis, like I had an issue with it. I really did not have much of a use for the word penis when I was seven, but I admired her effort to insure that I was not uptight about using it ever. Or listening to the little girl who whispered to me the filthiest stories in my ear on the phone, with unlimited dick and pussy lingo. Dick and pussy, were a well married couple when I was a kid. Maybe it seemed too juvenile, so I did not like it in my erotic writing. It just seemed so there must be something better to say.
Well my characters in Candyland did not seem to think so! They used them with a ton of gusto, on a lot of different occasions. Was it that I resorted to these words, because when writing NaNo, you know that you are going to come back and revise? Or was it just what my characters wanted to say? Have I gained less of personal stigma about the use of these words, now that I hear all the time since I have an Audible addiction? That I hear them so often with erotica that I listen to, that they have less of a stigma to me now? Or maybe simply that when people are in a sexual situations suddenly all these words that are considered crude and vulgar, are suddenly the prime cut of words and that they are beautifully incendiary? Because while you may not memorize every nuance of a touch forever after, you can always remember what feverish words a partner said to you in the moment…

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Kink of the Week

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  1. I always find it interesting when my characters run off in different directions than I think they are going to – or that I am planning to have them go. 😉

    And yes, I agre…I will remember the heated words of a lover whispered in the moment far longer than what we were doing when those words were whispered…

  2. Having never even considered writing fiction myself I hadn’t thought how words we don’t use ourselves can be used by different characters. It all makes perfect sense seeing it written down, thank you for opening my eyes to a different viewpoint!

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