Wicked Wednesday #137 — The Key

Alice tried to remember who had given her the key, but she could not remember exactly. She was in charge of watering all of the flowers being delivered to Polly while she was out of the office, while she was in Shanghai with Oscar.
She closed her eyes when she thought about Oscar. He was the most beautiful man she had ever seen. Even though she was an intern, she had an intensive interview and was sent to work with Polly. Polly was lovely to her, but she worked hard for her. It was much more than going to Starbuck’s to fetch coffees like other interns did. Polly took her when she went to pick up a say for example, Tamara de Lempicka from a client.
Polly was as gorgeous as a woman de Lempicka would paint too. She had an impossibly gorgeous stylized look, and it was something that was going to be branded on Alice’s psyche for the rest of her life.
Walking into Polly’s office like the Maxfield Parrish Mary Mary Quite Contrary, she paused.
Polly had her blouse open, and Oscar kissed her bare breasts slowly moving to her stomach. Polly looked stylized even in an intimate moment. Her eyes closed tightly, and her sharply bottom on the edge of her desk fighting to stay there as Oscar pulled up her skirt. Alice realized her mouth was open, as she eyed Polly’s dancer’s thighs topped with thigh high lace parting…She stepped back intending not to be seen, but she had spilled water watering the floor as she had intended to water the flowers.
The thunk of her heels made Polly gracefully stand up.
“I am sorry!” Alice stammered. She spilled the rest of the water, and a pile of nerves, used her jacket to wipe up the water from the floor.
Alice looked up to see Polly standing over her, buttoning up her blouse.
“Call maintenance to clean up the floor and get your jacket dry-cleaned. Then come into my office. Thank you.”
Alice could not help but admire the grace with which Polly walked back to her desk, and stood in front of Oscar who gazed at her with tremendous concern. She could not see Polly’s face even from the side, but Oscar looked at her with love and adoration.
After she called facilities, she remained at her desk until she saw Oscar walk out. She avoided his eyes, and took a deep breath before she walked into Polly’s office. Polly sat on the edge of her desk as she had when Oscar was kissing her body. How could she look so calm and collected, when she was wet just from watching them?
Polly walked across the room and closed the door, she returned to the edge of her desk and looked at her with sober eyes.
“I am sorry about what you saw Alice, it was incredibly unprofessional and I understand if you want to work in another department.”
“You don’t want me here anymore?”
“Alice, you are a bright girl, but if you are going feel awkward with me…”
“I don’t.”
Polly looked at her even more soberly.
“I would love to continue our working relationship, and would ask for you discretion then. I am in a relationship with Oscar, but I did not intend to flaunt it. Certainly not in the way that I unintentionally have.”
Alice sat back in her chair.
“You’re a beautiful couple…”
Polly smiled at her, and for one second she felt like they were equals. Then Polly stood up.
“Who gave you a key to my office Alice?”
“It was on my desk while you and Oscar were in Shanghai. Someone wanted me to water your delivered flowers.”
Polly looked out of the window, and she picked up card after card. Something was off, Alice could not tell what. But something was off. She was just glad that she was going to keep working with Polly. She wanted to be just like her, and hopefully find her own Oscar.
Alice was ashamed when she felt herself getting wet again thinking about what she saw.
The sun fell on Polly, making her look like all the more like a de Lempicka painting…

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maxfield parrish mary mary quite contrary via wikipedia commons


  1. I love this addition, love that you’ve used the prompt and gave such a lovely twist to your story, thickened the plot, gave us more intrigue. Lovely!

    Rebel xox

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