Superstar Guest Blogger Tamsin Flowers Talks About Her Sexy Serial Alchemy!

I consider Tamsin Flowers a supplier of sorts. Our friendship started because she was always recommending decadent books, and she even joked about being my supplier. She had no problem with it! Then I started reading her work, which is so well-written and so sexy. When she started talking about her Alchemy series, I was very intrigued. When I read the prequel, I was hooked. Alchemy is written as a serial, so there are monthly installments and it is so good! I am turning over my blog to Tamsin, so she can give you the inside scoop. She is including a delicious excerpt as well and I am pretty sure after reading it, you will think of her too…as a supplier of premium erotica.

A little background on Harry and Olivia, the central characters in the Alchemy xii series:

Alchemy xii has been a long time in the making. It must have been more than two years ago that I first decided I wanted to write the story of a submissive in the form of a diary. At the time I was working on other stories and books, so the idea kicked around at the back of my mind for a long while—it was always the project I was going to get to next, until something else caught my imagination and Alchemy was postponed once more.
One of the reasons for its long gestation was a matter of finding my characters. Various Doms and subs came into being, and were experimented with in short stories and pieces of flash fiction. However, none of them quite grabbed me and demanded to be written. I had to think very carefully about what I wanted my central characters to be—and I quickly came to the conclusion that I wasn’t looking for an alpha Dom and a compliant ingénue to become his sub. I had to escape from the D/s stereotypes.
And then one day, Harry Lomax sprung into my mind, virtually fully-formed and chomping at the bit to get into the story. He’s English, with the cut glass drawl of a public school boy. Hard drinking, hard smoking, hard fucking. Skinny and never happier than when he’s able to show off his pierced nipples or the outline of his big cock through the tightest trousers. And all the things a Dom shouldn’t be—irreverent, inconsistent, funny, flawed and, when he feels like it, perfectly cruel. While being extraordinarily kind. I fell in love with him immediately and I’m sure, as I get to know him better, it’s an affair that’s going to run and run.
Olivia was different. She hid from me for such a long time, even while Harry was pacing his dungeon in expectation. But eventually she started to take shape. It was important for me to develop a character who could give Harry Lomax a run for his money. There would be no point in making life too easy for him—the only way to really appreciate Harry is to push him to his limits as a Dom. So Olivia was never going to fit the sub stereotype. She’s taller than Harry and stunningly beautiful to boot. She’s smarter than Harry. And she hasn’t been naïve since the day she was born. When Harry discovers her, she’s already showing an interest in the scene and it’s up to Harry to uncover where that interest lies. And he finds out very quickly, it has nothing to do with calling him “Sir!”
They’re an explosive couple so every interaction they have is a battle—and as I’m still writing the later episodes in the series, even I couldn’t tell you yet who’s going to win!

Excerpt from Alchemy xii – January
I studied the bulge in the front of Harry’s jeans. I grew wet looking at it. He peeled off his black shirt. The sight of his dark nipples, pierced by silver bars which held them erect from his chest, was enough to make me dizzy. Diary, I want this man more than I’ve ever wanted anybody—he’s so damn hot, I could weep.
A sheen of sweat glistened on his forehead and I could tell by the rasp of his breath, he was just as turned on as me.
“Lie down,” he said, pointing toward the bed. His voice cracked as he said ‘down’. He turned away from me.
I stood up and walked over to the bed on shaky legs. I didn’t know if he wanted me to lie on my front or my back, so I lay on my back, placing my hands up behind my head. As I did this, Harry crossed to a chest of drawers against the opposite wall. He opened the top one and started rifling through it. I raised my head to watch. He pulled out an assortment of leather cuffs and harnesses, dropping them on the top of the chest. After a minute, he selected several from his pile and swept the rest back into the drawer. He came over to sit on the edge of the bed.
Without saying a word and keeping me on my back, he bent one of my legs up so my heel pressed against my buttock. He took a double leather cuff and strapped one section around my thigh. The second part of the cuff went around my ankle, holding my leg in a bent position. I could hardly lie still as I felt his fingers on my flesh. I had a sudden urge to reach out for him, just to pull him on top of me.
“You won’t need it. I’m only going to fuck you.” Only? Jesus, what that did to me! “But some people panic when they’re restrained for the first time.”
“Not the first time,” I said.
“Good,” he said, walking round to the other side of the bed.
I could see his erection pushing at the front of his pants. I couldn’t wait to see his cock revealed. He caught hold of my other ankle and strapped it to my thigh in a similar fashion. I tested the restraints by trying to move my legs but I couldn’t.
Harry laughed.
“Like it?”
He stood at the end of the bed. I realized he was staring right down between my open legs. My face suffused with color but inside me a dull ache of longing made itself felt.
“Like it?” I threw his words back at him.
“You know, Olivia, I can gag that pretty mouth of yours.”
“But then you couldn’t kiss it.”
“Plenty of time for both, darling.”
He came up one side of the bed and sat down close enough to me so he could lean forward to capture my mouth. He owned me with his kiss, which seemed to last forever. My legs strained against the leather cuffs as my hips rose and fell with need. My wrists pushed against his hands as he held me flat against the mattress, but my mouth yielded to his and my breasts burned with the need to be touched. All I could think about was the moment on my first evening with Harry when he’d strapped me to the silver bed post before marking my back so thoroughly. I’d thought he was showing me what it had felt like for the little sub in Master Blasters. But it dawned on me now, he’d been showing me what it would be like if I surrendered myself to him.
I broke off our kiss.
“Harry, I need…”
He put a hand over my mouth.
“You don’t get to ask. I know exactly what you need, Olivia. I’ll decide when you get it. But just as last time was all about you, tonight is mine. Do you understand?”
His eyes, dark stormy blue, drilled into me.
“Yes, Sir.”
He reached for another leather cuff from the nightstand and strapped it around one of my wrists. He pulled my arm down to my side and, on hearing a sharp metallic snap, I realized he’d attached it to a ring on the side of the thigh restraint. Once more, he walked around the bed to do the same thing to my other hand. I lay immobilized, at his mercy, and I couldn’t imagine a place I would rather have been at that moment.
I watched from where I lay as Harry bent down to unlace his boots. If I hadn’t been so desperate to have him inside me, I could have spent all day watching the man undress. His bare torso rippled as he moved, hard and sinewy. Skinny rather than pumped up, every muscle acutely defined—just the way I like. The silver at his nipples glinted in the light. I longed to let my tongue explore the contrast between hard metal and soft flesh. I wanted to bite him as fiercely as I could, to leave my teeth marks on his shoulder. I wanted to bury my face in his armpit and breathe in the scent of his sweat.
Harry kicked his boots away and peeled off black socks. The rasp of his fly zipper sounded like music to my ears. I sighed, making him look up at me with a delighted smile.
“Close your eyes,” he said.

You can find Tamsin and Alchemy here:
Tamsin’s Superotica
Alchemy xii


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