I’m Wicked Wednesday #138 — Graveyards/Cemeteries

Eliza walked along Rue Edgar Quinet toward the Montparnasse Cemetery. She was not going there to visit any of the famous graves. In all her time in Paris, she had never visited any of the cemeteries there.
She was going because Adrien had asked her to meet him there. That was the effect that Adrien had had on her since he had brought her into the city for hire. The effect that he had had on her since they had sex in the basement of her hotel. He asked her to meet him here, she guessed to get a rise out of her? or because her hotel was close by?
He stood just outside the entrance, with an electric cigarette that emitted a sweet scent she was not accustomed to them giving. Maybe she was not exposed to enough of them. She smiled at him, and he broke into an immediate grin. He nuzzled her, and she tilted her neck to receive him.
“Tell me something filthy in English…you promised to help me with my English.”
Eliza got goosebumps from the way he whispered it just below her ear.
“Fuck me again…I can say it in French too if you don’t understand me…”
He clutched her so hard about the hips, that she was sure that he bruised her.
Mais oui,” he breathed against her neck.
And he did. They did. Over and over while she was in Paris, after she would meet him at the cemetery. Well outside of the cemetery, then they would have dinner on Rue Edgar Quinet or Boulevard Montparnasse. Often they would have sushi.
She studied Adrien that night over sushi. He was sexy and charming, and even more so because he kept her mind off of Oscar.
She wished that she could say something horrible had happened, that Oscar had thrown her to the side and had stepped on her heart. But he was graceful even as he was breaking her heart. When he held her close to him like a butterfly, pinning her down before he let her go…it was nothing that he said. He let her know that he always loved her, and she said that she loved him…
But he let her go.
There was no reason for her ever to return to Shanghai.
“So you were in Shanghai you told me?”
Eliza looked at Adrien with a smile, and nodded. She was not immune to his charm even with Oscar haunting her, and having been in and out of bed with him made him all the more irresistible.
“Why did you pick the cemetery to meet me?”
Adrien looked at her, and she realized even though she had been in and out of his pants that she did not know him.
“I like cemeteries,” he shrugged eating a piece of sashimi. “And it let me know for sure that you are not squeamish. You just came.”
Eliza smiled at the double entendre she dwelled on silently.
She started to pick at her roll, when she heard the soft noise of Adrien’s chopsticks hitting his plate. He squeezed her thigh, his fingers not high up her thigh but close enough.
“On what?”
“You do not scare me,” she said.
Eliza picked up a piece of sushi, let her tongue glide over it while looking in his eyes.
She was not the same Eliza she used to be.

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chopsticks via wikipedia commons


  1. I love the way Eliza is growing more confident and althought Iiked her with Oscar in the beginning, I love her with Adrien more. (And I LOVE Oscar and Polly!)

  2. Oh, I love where you are going with this. And the way you weave in such small but believable details about your characters – like the smell of his cigarette.

    Lush x

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