Wicked Wednesday #139 — Leadership

Polly took Alice to Paris. She was not sure if her intern was going to think that it was because she knew about her and Oscar, or if it would be reflective of her leadership that Alice constantly raved about.
She really did like Alice, she was smart and discreet. Reminded her of herself when she was that age.
But that was not the reason that she had invited her along, not by a long shot.
She was picking up a de Lempicka from Colin, and she felt that she would be a lot safer with the younger woman with her. Polly was not sure that she wanted the dark and deep flirting that coming to Paris always bought. Having Alice with her, would prevent anything.
Or at least she liked to believe that. Colin had never been afraid of much, and certainly her just seeing Oscar would not distract him from anything that might be on his mind.
It was not every time that she ended up with him, she had mixed business with pleasure a few times…but now she had no intention of that.
The view of Paris from his apartment was gorgeous, and she was glad that Alice had looked away to gawk at it when Colin saw her. He was startled by her intern, and the look in his eyes was of such disappointment. He took her by the arm, and his lips grazed her neck. She looked at him sharply, as Alice suddenly realized she was gawking.
“This is my intern Alice,” Polly smiled, and she could see that pleased Alice.
“It is lovely to meet you. I love the de Lempickas so much, and am happy to be here,” Alice said as they looked at the guest of honor.
A stunning de Lempicka.
“It makes sense then that you are Polly’s intern because she has been a de Lempicka fan for decades. Even before she was doing this.”
Alice turned to look at Polly with a question, but it was Colin that answered.
“I have known Polly for a long time.”
Polly’s smile was tight, but she gave it.
“Alice is also a huge fan, which is why I brought her to Paris.”
Alice smiled, and Polly thought to herself how many of the other women there did not want to work with her because she was very pretty. She half wished that Alice’s beauty would distract Colin, but it did not.
When Alice was in the bathroom, Colin cornered Polly. His expression was perplexed, but he stood closer to her.
“When can I be alone with you? Dinner tonight?”
Polly smiled, nodded. She looked out at the view that had captivated Alice.
The last time that she had been in Paris with Colin, she had watched that view naked to her waist. He did not bite into her skin, but the way he sucked at her would leave deep bruises.
Polly wrapped her arms about herself.
Dinner was at Colin’s. Paris was dark now, and he had loosened his tie.
“I missed you,” he said cornering her again.
“I don’t care who he is…”
“You know?”
He paused, and looked at her.
“I guessed.”
“You know me too well.”
“I know your blood…”
She could smell the heat she used to smell when he wanted to suck the blood from her. He pulled her close, and held her chastely for a long time. Polly did not expect that he would suddenly kiss her neck, and gnaw at her skin gently almost to the breaking point…
When they were younger she had been so eager to give him her blood, to give him her whatever he wanted. He was the leader, and she had followed.
Paris grew all the darker outside of the window.

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the vampyre by edvard munch via wikipedia commons


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