Psst…I Listen…

When one of my good friends told me that she listened to audiobooks a few years ago, I was surprised. I had not even ventured e-books at that time, I have long since popped my cherry on that. I am such a bibliophile, that it would be embarrassing the amount of books that I want to carry around with me most of the time! So e-books made it easier for me to both carry the books, and to switch from reading one to the other. But I did not judge my friend…that much. I even began to recommend books for her to listen to.
My audiobook cherry was popped when another good friend Malin James , had one of her stories on the Kiss Me Quicks narrated by Rose Caraway. Bound Unbound was the first story I listened to…go take a listen…I will wait…
Back? Okay, how could that not become an addiction?! I am still a devoted KMQ listener, and am psyched that the newest story is by Janine Ashbless…since I am not so patiently waiting to read her follow up to Cover Him With Darkness which I posted about here.
Considering an Audible membership was something I pondered while listening to the Kiss Me Quicks. I figured I would get one book, and be done.
I was not.
I did get several books Rose narrated–cannot wait for her Dirty Thirty audiobook to come out! Then I started branched out with Lily Horne who I follow on Twitter, this is her latest Audible release…and then more narrators…and different genres too…
Sometimes it is the most soothing thing to have a story told to you. It is a completely different experience from reading a book in your hands, or on a e-reader. The voice is given to you, and you follow it wherever it goes. Lily agrees with me, “Sometimes we just want someone else to read to us. Tell us a story. Allow us to sit back & be taken through words & a voice into the land that the book creates. Audio should somehow give yet another dimension to that world.”
Also, the story does not end until you stop listening. No more bumping into strangers on the street, because your head is in your book. If I missed that, I still have fiddling with my phone to replace it! The downside is books finish faster because I am insatiable, and then I need another to replace it. Which does not bother me in the least. Audible has no problem coming up with deals for me to indulge my need!
I listen now a lot to other storytelling podcasts, one for the New Yorker for example. I love this article Rose wrote about audiobooks, and the evolution of reading.
I like listening, and you see? Birds of the same feather flock together–now my friend and I suggest audiobooks for each other. Today, I bought five new novels on an Audible sale for the first book in a series…you see where this is going!


  1. I have been listening to audio books for years now. I do it in the car, on my way to work in the mornings and back home again in the afternoons. It makes traffic jams bearable and, it gives me the time to ‘read’ that I would not have had otherwise 🙂

    Rebel xox

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