Wicked Wedsnesday #144 – Unexpected

Eliza moved her fork through the raspberry sauce that was left on her plate, using its side so she could gather the sauce up like a spoon. The fork slipped between her wine-colored lips, and she closed her eyes again savoring the almost unexpected sweet and tangy sauce. The first bite with her flourless chocolate cake had been orgasmic. She closed her eyes again remembering, took her foot out of her shoe and wiggled her toes.
Opening her eyes slowly, recovering, she saw Rafe.
It had been a long time since she had seen her fiancé. She thought that he would be in New York with Fiona, since it was her birthday.
Rafe picked up a fork, and tilting it on its side, gathered raspberry sauce the way that she had.
“What are you doing here?” she asked, her voice a cocktail of incredulity, surprise and shock.
“I missed you.”
Eliza put her foot back in her shoe. Seeing him was unexpected and expected. Hadn’t she wanted him to come to her? With her budding relationship with Severine, listening to her talk about him made her long for him. How ridiculous, that she needed to hear another woman talk about her fiancé to make her long for him in a way she had not for a long time.
Or maybe it was like he said that she knew she had him, so she took it for granted.
The glint of her ring on her hand shown off his eyes.
“I thought you would be in New York with Fiona.”
“Fiona is in love, she did not have time for me.”
“In love really?”
Fiona had not mentioned anything to her about anyone, and she found that odd because she had Skyped with Fiona earlier. But then again love and relationships had been awkward to discuss, ever since she had been in Shanghai with Fiona…
Eliza closed her eyes as Shanghai made her think of Oscar.
“Yeah love, you remember that don’t you?”
“What do you think I am arrogant because I am wearing your ring? That love evaporated or something?”
“You haven’t kissed me.”
Eliza put her fork down, got up and stood before Rafe.
“Did Severine tell you I was here?”
“Fuck Severine…”
“Did you?”
Eliza paused between his knees, looking down at him. She knew she was testing him, but she could not help it. Sometimes she needed to.
He grabbed her about the knees and pulled her onto his lap, her arms automatically surrounded him. Her legs curled onto his lap, her need to be closer as she kissed him. Rafe’s hands caressing her backside, was sensual and proprietary at the same time. Pulling away from their kiss, she saw the waiter who had seen her there with Adrian several times look at her with a deep smirk.
“I did not fuck anyone since you went to Shanghai Eliza, all I have been doing is missing you in New York. Severine called, and told me that you missed me so I am here. I will always be here for you.”
Eliza studied her proprietary wine-colored lipstick stains on his face, neck and shirt and shrugged,
“Doesn’t really matter.” He looked at her, and she knew he wanted to ask her if she had fucked anyone. She knew he did not want the answer, anymore than she wanted to answer him. “I missed you.”
“I want to fuck you. Are you going to lick the sauce off of that plate, or are you going to come with me?”
Eliza stuck her finger on the plate, let the last thick puddle of raspberry sauce roll over it and smeared it over Rafe’s lips and hers.
“I always come with you.”

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raspberry sauce left on a dessert plate photo by f dot leonora


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