Get Tied Up: Tie Me Up Anthology Excerpt No. 1

I cannot wait for my new anthology TIE ME UP with Riverdale Avenue Books to be released! When I sent the finished manuscript out, I felt so happy to be part of such an amazing collection of stories. TIE ME UP is about bondage as you might have guessed, but the ways in which it manifests in these stories is beyond erotica. It is just the best collection. I am a person who almost bursts when I buy a gift for someone in advance, and have to wait for the day to give it to them. I am not going to let you wait! For the next few days, I am going to give you a TIE ME UP excerpt, accompanied with gorgeous graphics by Pretty Poison Graphics. Pretty Posion, which just so happens to be run by Oleander Plume, my friend, prolific writer and editor of Chemical [se]X. Oh! This excerpt just so happens to be hers as well!

Enjoy, just sixteen more days until release day!!!

“What’s your name, handsome?”


“Luis,” he repeated.

“I like the way my name sounds coming out of your mouth.”

He closed his eyes when he leaned into kiss me. Fuck his lips were hot! I deepened the kiss, and explored his pouty bottom lip with my tongue. He moved in closer until his firm bulge was bumping up against mine. 

“Luis, I want to fuck you, right in this kitchen.”

“Maybe I want to fuck you first.”

“Sorry, I already called dibs. You do bottom, right?” The way he tilted his head at me was adorable, and I swooned again.

“Sure, sometimes.” I didn’t want to admit how much I love getting my ass fucked, I’m sort of a slut that way. Sure, I like to plug a guy’s hole once in a while, but I prefer to catch, if you know what I mean. “I don’t have a condom.”

“I’m sure Rick has some upstairs in his bedroom. Let’s go and find out.”

“This isn’t cool, I shouldn’t be doing this,” I said while we pawed through all the dresser drawers. The one on the bottom right turned out to be a treasure trove of kink. “Whoa.” 

“We found somebody’s naughty drawer,” Sean said in a singsong voice. He picked up a large vibrator and waved it at me. “Who do you think uses this?”

“That’s the Ram-Master 2000, I have one of those at home.” 

“You do?” Sean giggled. 

“I have a naughty drawer, too. Maybe I’ll let you rifle through it sometime.”

Sean dangled a pair of pink, furry handcuffs in front of my face. “I’d love to see you in these.”

I held up my regulation cuffs. 

“Pink isn’t my color, but you can use these, kinky boy.” My dick turned to cement, overjoyed at the thought of a little tie-up fun.

“Get naked, and I’ll cuff you to the bed.” I dropped my pants and he whistled. “Wow, Luis, you have a nice sized cock.”

“Show me yours.”

And there is even more flash fiction from Oleander here, go park yourself over at her site to read “Parking!”

graphic design by pretty poison graphics

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