Get Tied Up: Tie Me Up Anthology Excerpt No. 2 

Here is your daily excerpt from my upcoming anthology TIE ME UP, which is being released by Riverdale Avenue Books. Today’s excerpt is from Mercedes Cruz. It is called “Learning the Ropes.”

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          “I also have something different, something I’ve never tried with anyone that I want to try with you.”

           “We can work on that too.” April smirked at Lenny. 

            That weekend they went on a dinner date. April wore her sexist dress: tight and dark purple, with lace on the sleeves. She only wore it on special occasions, and this was one of those. After dinner as much as they both tried to deny it, they only wanted to rip off each other’s clothing. Lenny knew that his roommate, Marcus might be coming back that night and he could walk in on them. Although that would be the best revenge, they wanted a place they would not be disturbed. They decided on April’s dorm room, since Fanta was going to an event with her friends that night. April wasn’t sure how much time they had, but they were willing to take the chance. 

            Lenny grabbed a small leather tote from the backseat, and they hurried to her room. Locking the door to her room, they tore at each other’s clothes off like savages. Lenny stopped halfway, while pulling the sleeves off of April’s tight dress. 

            “Do you remember when I said I wanted to try something new with you?”

            “Yes, why?” April replied with a cheesy grin. 

            “Do you trust me?”

            “Okay, you’re officially scaring me.”

            “Don’t be scared April, I would never do anything to hurt you. We can take it slow.”

            He finished removing her dress, and she stood there in her lace thong and bra. Lenny took a few seconds to admire her.

            “Mmm, you look even better with your clothes off.”

            He walked over to his small leather bag and took out a rope. Aprils eyes widened, she wanted to tell him no, but she was open to trying something different. 

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