Get Tied Up: Tie Me Up Anthology Excerpt No. 3

Here is your daily dosage of TIE ME UP, my upcoming antho pubbed by Riverdale Avenue Books and edited by moi. Hopefully this is becoming your daily habit! Today’s excerpt is  from “True Calling” by Janie James

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After their first night as Master and Slave, neither she nor Mark had ever looked back. She’d spent the rest of the weekend imposing her will on him in various ways: tying him to the bed, handcuffing him to a door, walking him through the house on a leash. Somewhere along the way, their actions had morphed from role playing to a new kind of relationship, one where Gina ruled with an iron fist and Mark bowed to her wishes. She’d gagged him, strapped a studded leather cock ring around his dick, pinched and pulled at the loose skin of his testicles until he begged her to stop, attached tiny clamps to his nipples, and violated his ass with a new toy she’d picked up, a vibrating oval “egg” on a cord.

She’d also fucked him in every position possible where a woman could control the action. On top, reverse cowboy, scissor. Suddenly insatiable, she’d purposely only let him come once each day, so that he’d always be anxious and horny and ready to please her. And when he was too worn out to get it up, she’d pinned him to the bed and ground her pussy into his face or whipped him with her crop while he use one – and sometimes two – vibrators on her.
By the time Sunday came, Gina was so sore she could barely walk, and Mark wore dozens of welts on his arms, legs, and chest, which matched the red, bruised skin of his cock.
After putting the kids to bed on Sunday, he climbed under the covers and fell instantly asleep. Gina had worried that their lives would return to the lifeless routine they’d been in before, with only their bets providing opportunities for her to indulge in her new-found lust for control.
Monday morning, she woke to find Mark kneeling by her side of the bed.
“How can I serve you today, Master?”
In that moment, she knew her life would never be the same.

graphic design by pretty poison graphics


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