Get Tied Up: Tie Me Up Anthology Excerpt No. 5

This excerpt from TIE ME UP, my upcoming antho pubbed by Riverdale Avenue Books, is bound to get you tied up in knots! “Birthday Knots” by Cheryl Kaye. Be a good boy/girl, and read it…

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            I looked at John as I pulled my skirt on and tucked in my shirt. His eyes flicked up and down my figure, I grinned at him as I slipped my shoes on.

            “I shouldnt be longalthough you never know. Be good.

            I grabbed my bag as I headed to the door, then I had an idea. Pulling out my phone, I turned back around and held it up so I could snap a photo. He looked so good on his knees, his arms stretched above his head. I had the rope running from his wrists over the curtain pole, and down to his ankles. Id allowed a little bit of slack, but it essentially held him in place as he faced the window without quite touching it. If his arms got tired, he could move his ankles together and lower them a few inches inches. 

            When I pulled open the door and flipped the sign to “Do Not Disturb,” I had a perfect profile view of him looking out of the window. I stepped out and closed the door behind me, smiling as I walked down the corridor. He was already getting hard, he really loved the idea of being “on show.”

            I sat at the hotel bar, stirring my drink with a cocktail stick topped with an olive. In the mirror behind the bar, I could watch people come and go. As soon as I saw him, I knew it was him: tall, dark hair, and wearing a suit so perfect it had to be tailor-made for him. He was toned enough you could tell he worked out, but not so much that it was all he did. I practically drooled in my drink. Hed scanned the bar from the door, and approached a few women sitting alone before he ended up standing next to me. 

…how did you like that?! The book will be out April 6!


graphic design by pretty poison graphics


  1. Um. Okay.. so that was perfect. In fact, that was so hot I’m just going to sit here for a bit. I was already looking forward to this antho, but oh my god, I want to know how this one ends! xx

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