Get Tied Up: Tie Me Up Anthology Excerpt No. 6

For your own good you need to read this excerpt from TIE ME UP, my upcoming antho pubbed by Riverdale Avenue Books! “For Her Own Good” is a decadent delicacy only Salome Wilde could pen, here for your reading pleasure! The full story will be in the anthology on April 6!

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“A handsome prince,” Ania would often say. “will rescue me and show me what love is.”

She said this often, and all in the harem who heard her proclamation would laugh 

heartily, assuming she was playing coy and making a joke. Only Nati seemed to understand that this “princess” was in earnest.

Tonight, however, there could be no laughter. Nati knew that Ania’s destined “prince,” a cruel nobleman, would do anything but rescue her. She felt helpless. Yet, as Ania flung her 

ignorant barb, Nati recognized a new possibility. She knew the best way to get Ania to blossom into the sexual maturity she would need for survival was to learn to pleasure herself. Nati had told Ania so, but she would not hear of it.

“It is one thing,” she explained, with characteristic naïve boldness. “to be forced to accept lustful advances. But it is worse yet to seek ways to become even more shameless.” ​​​

“Rau,” Nati called. “Come and help me with this impossible princess.”

Ania whimpered her distress. Rau rose, and Cellet, chuckling, joined him. Several others who were lying on their pallets but still awake came along as well: including a short, rotund woman whose name Nati did not know and the sleepy-eyed voyeur Ingh, who stretched as he walked to witness whatever apparent action was going to take place. Ingh’s cock, enormous when flaccid and unthinkable when hard, made him a popular choice for anal punishments of members of court who displeased the King. He was otherwise unremarkable but for his attraction to Sujuru, a woman whose hair was as wild as her temper and who remained snoring in his pallet when he left.

Though she regretted calling Rau for the attention it brought, she would not relinquish this opportunity, the last she might have to assist Ania in accepting her fate.

“If you let him spank me…” Ania protested, pointing at a smiling Rau.

Nati took Ania’s hand and smiled genuinely. “Nothing of the sort, dear one. Our friends are going to help you achieve something important tonight.” To the others she said, “Because she cannot do so herself, we are going to give Ania a gift.”


graphic design by pretty poison graphics

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