Spy Games is Out!!!

I am soooooo happy to share with you the release of Spy Games, edited by Jilly Boyd for House of Erotica…especially since I am in it!

I never wrote espionage before…but something about the call appealed to me, and I did it. “Harper” came about using themes I like–it is set in Paris! And I fell in love with my characters…so I very happy I wrote it!

Wanna peek?

“Take off your clothes,” he grunted, 

unbuttoning her blouse

“Leave on your suit,” she replied, her voice sounding just as huskily.

He smiled at her as he watched her finish unbuttoning her blouse, exposing her bare breasts right off the bat.

“So there’s a bit of kinkiness in you? A suit fetish, perhaps?”

Removing her skirt revealed that she hadn’t worn any underwear. She looked up at him.

“Talk? Or do?”

Russell pulled her to him while she was taking off her thigh high. She dug her nails into the other leg, tossing both ruined stockings carelessly onto the floor. She buried her face in his suit jacket, realizing he might have been right about her kinkiness. It was not something that she thought about before, but she guessed it was there right now. 

The feeling of his suit against her bare skin while he was kissing her was one thing. Her bare ass against the chain that barred entry seemed ironic to her. There was no desire in her for others to enter, but she liked being watched, and that wasn’t something that she’d ever realized she liked until the past 24 hours. First in the bar, and now here with Russell.

Get your copy in the US, or the UK! And don’t forget to visit the Facebook page!


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