Wicked Wednesday #147 –Spread the Love & Liebster Award (Double Feature)

It was not often that Fiona had dinner parties in her apartment, but she had decided that she wanted to. A rare moment that she confided in her mother, and her mother looked at her with a knowing look. She wanted her mother to meet Alice.

Not the Alice that was in her bed that weekend morning, soft snd damp after they made love. It was nice to see Alice, gorgeous and cooking in her kitchen. The love and dedication that Alice gave to pressing a clove of garlic… The way she closed her eyes when she tasted something, and it was the way that she wanted it.

Fiona could not help but pull Alice to the side, right before the first of their guests arrived, savoring the garlic on her soft breath, and the dampness from the exertion of cooking making her thin dress cling to her shapely derriere.  

They walked to the door together, Fiona unable to not touch some part of Alice’s body even when her mother and father walked in. Fiona paid careful attention to how her mother looked at Alice.

“Nice to meet you Alice,” her mother said, and Fiona caught her imperceptible eyes on her lover.

Fiona just hoped to spread the love that she was beginning to feel throughout their party, throughout the evening. Her mind raced as she saw Alice’s sweet reassurance in the reflection of the Leonor Fini photograph, she loved so much.

Fiona’s love spread throughout her own body.

More Wicked Wednesday hereIMG_0278.PNG leonor fini by dora maar via the red list


And now for part two of our double feature!!! 

The lovely, lovely, lovely Marie Rebelle nominated me for a Liebster award! Read her gorgeous post here for the rules and criteria. I am thankful for her nominating me, and I am going to answer the questions she requested. I nominate Rebecca Black for a Liebster award, she writes hotter than fire and she makes me want to try my hand at Masturbation Monday!

Here goes:

Why did you start blogging?

This blog was started so I could be part of a Eroticon roundtable meme!

How did you choose your pseudonym? If you blog/write under your own name, it would be wonderful to hear how your family/friends react to what you write.

With my pseudonym, it’s complicated! Leonora reminds me of surrealist artists, like Leonora Carrington or Leonora Fini.

Talk to me about photos on your blog. Do you make your own? Post them? Do you show your face? Why or why not?

Some images are mine, some are images that I identify as not mine. I like them to go with the words I write. Never show my face, I hate taking pictures in general!!!

Do you write erotic stories? If so, have you ever been published or do you wish to be?

What is the ultimate goal for your blog?

YES!!! My most recent published short story is in the hot-off-the-press SPY GAMES edited by Jilly Boyd, and pubbed by House of Erotica


What memes do you participate in?

Why, Wicked Wednesday of course! And some others. I want to give Masturbation Monday a try!

Do you have any suggestions for prompts for Wicked Wednesday?

Something with roses!!!

What is your life motto?

We are the masters of our own happiness….

What kind of “-aholic” are you? Workaholic, shopaholic, sexaholic, chocoholic?

Oh too many -aholic tendencies! Mainly a gadgetoholic at the moment, I love my gadgets and new apps, so an appaholic as well!

When would you really stop blogging?

I can’t imagine a finishing point at the moment…

Will I see you at Eroticon 2015?

Yessssss! Cannot wait! xxx



  1. I want to know so much more about this relationship between Fiona and Alice. Sexy and tender at the same time.

    Thanks for accepting the Liebster award and whooohoooo see you at Eroticon :))

    Rebel xox

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