Masturbation Monday No. 30

When she saw Gavin in the aisle, her heart raced as usual. Nichy stood in the doorframe, and she felt that same urge she always felt. A desire to caress a particular curve of her clit. Every time she saw him in the office, she felt that way. 

She had made contact with him, he acknowledged her with a small nod and she smiled softly to acknowledge him. When she returned to her desk she was a stiff mess, her body so rigid and the desire to caress just that small part of herself aflame. 

But Nichy wouldn’t, she did not even allow herself to have fantasies about him, because it was a meager replacement to actually being with him. And how could she imagine him, she had never been with him. She had not memorized his scent, or felt the heat of his body along hers. 

Squeezing her eyes tight, she opened them and could still see him: his strong jaw prominent with a smile, his white teeth and the sparkle in his eyes. 

Nichy felt her hand between her thighs. Even though her hand was not in a provocative position there, she turned around to make sure that no one was looking at her. She got up, picked up her phone and went to go out for coffee. 

Her lust had passed as it always did. 

When she walked to the elevator, she pressed back against the wall. Just as the door was about to close, she looked up with annoyance at the newcomer when she realized it was Gavin.

“Sorry, but it is coffee time!” he said.

She laughed more from nerves than anything else.

“Lucky it was someone I knew, or I would have been pissed!” she said standing up straight.

“Going to get coffee?”

“It’s coffee time, you just declared it!”

They continued small talk, and then she headed to the coffee shop in their lobby. Gavin held the door open, and gestured for her to walk in.

“I’ll buy you a cup,” he said.

She was memorizing scent of warmth and subtle cologne, from their proximity. A soft musk.

“Awww, you don’t have to…”

“Well, actually, I have a free one…”

He grinned at her and she could feel the heat coming from his body, like heat rose from the sidewalks in the summer.

“You’re sweet sharing your free one, thank you.”

“Well for not being pissed with me for the elevator thing.”

She shook her head and grinned.

They ordered, and Gavin once again was gallant and opened the door for her when they left.

In the elevator with him again, she memorized his warmth.

“We have a proposal to get out, going to maybe need a third one of these if it gets really late,” he said looking at her.

“I have a project too, but if I drink another coffee I will be up all night!”

“You’ll probably see me flying your section by if I have a third cup!”

They laughed, and walked back toward the office.

“I am going to the ladies room,” Nichy said, when he went to buzz her in.

“Okay,” he smiled at her. 

Nichy went to the bathroom, put down her coffee and her phone down and headed into a stall.

Now she had memorized his scent and felt the heat of his body as she passed him, now it was too hard not to…

One hand gripped the door, as she pulled up her dress and her other hand slipping into her pantyhose that she wore without panties. Closing her eyes, she let her finger move over that curve that she imagined every time she saw Gavin. A low moan escaped her, and she bit her lip to keep quiet. His scent and warmth were with her like a summer day. She felt the dampness on her temples and under her arms and…well there. 

She moved just the one finger on her curve faster, and faster biting her lower lip to stop the mantra of obscenities that wanted to slip from her mouth. Suddenly she moved her hand as if she had touched fire, and felt the sweet circle of release that moved about her curve. She tightened her legs and thought how much she would like to have Gavin…there…

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  1. I am SO sorry I missed reading posts last week (damn internet issues!) but this was absolutely lovely and erotic and yes, I hope she gets the reality of him at some point, too.

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