Get Tied Up: Tied Up Excerpt No. 9

Today’s daily excerpt from TIE ME UP, my upcoming antho pubbed by Riverdale Avenue Books is “Charlene’s Surprises” by Daily Hollow. Boy, are you in for a surprise! The full story will be in the anthology on April 6!

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     “Honey, what’s the old wooden chair doing in the living room?” Joel asked, rubbing his sore feet. The baseball game was on, and he was really looking forward to relaxing.

“Long day?” Charlene asked.

Joel gave her a brief kiss. 

“Long’s an understatement,” he sighed. “Ever since my promotion, I’ve been working through lunch.”

      “Well Mr. Director of Marketing, the paycheck’s certainly better.”

      “I know that’s right,” Joel agreed, returning his attention back to the television.

      “What is that old thing doing in there? I thought we sold that sucker on Craigslist a long time ago?”

      His wife smiled and said, 

“I can tie better knots in that chair.”


      “Yeah, knots.” Joel closed his eyes as their lips again met.

      “Why would you want to tie knots in the chair?” he asked when his wife pulled away.

      “Because we’re going to take your clothes off, and I’m going to tie you up.”

      “Um…on that?” 

      “Yup,” she replied. “I want to give you a special show to celebrate your recent promotion.”

      “What kind of show?” He was a little curious since it had been a while since they had done anything wild and crazy.

      “You’ll see.” She winked, then removed his tie.

      “This would make a good blindfold,” she said, examining the silk fabric. “However, later tonight, now I’m going to need your full attention.”

      Joel unbuttoned his shirt as his wife pulled his pants and boxers around his ankles, then led him to the living room where she instructed him to sit. She left briefly, then returned with a few pieces of rope.

      “You’re really going to tie me up?”

      “That’s the plan, darling. Now sit down and be still.” Once he complied, Charlene bound his ankles.

      “Put your arms on the arms.”

      “Arms on the arms?” Joel laughed.     

Charlene chuckled. 

“Just do it, babe.”

      Joel did as instructed. Charlene went to work, securing his wrists, forearms and elbows.


      “As comfy as a man tied naked to a chair can be.” 

She had done a fantastic job with the rope. He couldn’t move his arms or ankles.

      “Did you learn these knots in the Navy?” 

      Charlene nodded, then chuckled. 

“That chair looks like it could get a little wobbly. Try not to get too excited.”

      “I’ll try,” he said. “But a lot depends on what you have in store.”

      She winked. 

“You’ll see.”

      Joel looked down at his semi-hard cock, which seemed to share his curiosity.  

    “I’m going to leave you alone a sec,” she said, sashaying from the room.

      As Charlene made her way up the stairs, Joel looked around for possible hints. He briefly considered some sort of striptease, but that would be too obvious. His wife was anything but cliché. 

      Joel tested the ropes again, but could only move his knees and thighs. When he tried to lift his ass, he only rose a few inches from the seat. 

      He looked up at the clock–it was just after seven. The Red Sox were on at eight.

      Moments later, Charlene returned naked–her long, blonde hair falling over her small, lovely breasts. 

      “Wow,” he said, staring at her crotch. “I see you mowed the lawn.”

      “I had a little help,” she purred.



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