Get Tied Up: Tie Me Up Except No. 13 (RELEASE DAY IS TOMORROW!!!)

TIE ME UP my Riverdale Avenue Books anthology will be released TOMORROW!  “Coming Down Fast” by Kaysee Renee Robichaud is the perfect excerpt for today!

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“You are in control,” Sally said.

“Details, please.” Though his manner was brusque, he was simply offering her the standard line that all parachuting professionals at Good To The Last Drop gave to their first timers. There were a lot of things to keep straight when performing this sport.

Good To The Last Drop’s company literature referred to these as tandem jumps.

“You have control over the main and emergency chutes. I will be tied to you.” The rigs were something right off but made for more than play. Buckles and straps made from solidly designed synthetics and leather. Hers were tight across her torso, with lines that slung around her shoulders and beneath her breasts and between her legs. The world’s tightest hug, comforting and compassionate. Just being in her current rig brought her warm squirmies. And soon she would be strapped back-to-belly against her man, and then the two of them would be plummeting through the air together, hoping that the primary or emergency parachute would work. “We go out together, and we arrive together. My life is in your hands. You,” she repeated, “are in control.”

He flushed with power as she said this again, color burning across his pale cheeks and forehead. He glanced back toward the cockpit, separated from this rear area by a flimsy looking sheet stretched across a curtain rod. Roy had called this “the privacy veil,” and explained that it was a mostly ineffective barrier between the crew and the folks, which allowed those mind-changers to “bitch out without 100% embarrassment.” Of course, the crew would know when they landed, but there was no real razzing. The shame was born internally. “Cowards die a million times before their deaths,” Roy had upped Shakespeare’s famous line, “the valiant taste of death only once. And even then, we miss out on the flavor.”

“You,” she said a third time,” are in charge.”


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