Masturbation Monday No. 31

Nichy grabbed her bag, and everything fell out. She was a little tipsy after work, she had had two and a half vodka gimlets. Gavin was close enough when he squeezed in the booth next to her that, she could smell the beer on his breath.

It was Friday night, and it was the usual after work cocktail hour. But this time it was different. 

This time Gavin came.

He came at the last minute, he was not even going to walk in but Renée saw him outside and she rapped on the window. It was raining cats and dogs, so he came in. Wet. The only free space was where Nichy’s bag was, so she moved it. His wet body was beside hers, and now she was even tipsier, but it had nothing to do with her first vodka gimlet at that point.

He was so close she could smell his breath and his aftershave.

“Sorry, I am getting you all wet!” Gavin said.

Nichy smiled, and sipped the remainder of her vodka gimlet.

“What are you drinking? I’ll buy you one…”

Nichy licked a drop of vodka gimlet off of her lip.

“Vodka gimlet, but you don’t have to…”

“I keep messing up your life. Holding your elevators, getting you wet…”

Nichy shook her head.

“I’m good,” she said, shifting in the booth.

Conversation drifted in and out between shop talk and weekend plans, she did not talk much because she was nervous as hell. Plus the heat of his body, and his dampness against her made her want to touch that curve of her clitoris that she always wanted to touch when she looked at him. Their drinks came over on the same tray. 

Renée leaned over, and smiled at Nichy, 

“What are your plans for the weekend doll?”

Nichy liked Renée a lot, she was warm and genuine and always tried to make everyone feel special. She secretly loved her now, for being the reason why Gavin was sitting next to her.

“Nothing much, just enjoying the time off…”

“Me too, how are about you Gavin?”

“We are going on a short weekend trip…” 

Nichy did not hear the rest of what he said. We, she knew what that meant. She asked for a third vodka tonic.

“I got it,” Gavin said.

Nichy looked at him, she realized that even if he was a we, he was still so sexy, and when she crossed her legs she felt how much she agreed with that assessment.

“No,” she whispered putting her hand over his, feeling the soft hair that was on the top of his palm.

“I made you wet,” he repeated.

Nichy grinned, and slowly placed the hand that was on the top of his on her thigh. She slowly moved her hand over the length of her thigh.

She did not finish the third vodka gimlet. Gavin got up, explaining he was driving early.

“For you…” he said and forced a bill into her fist.

“Thank you,” she said, grabbing her bag and everything fell out. Gavin helped her pick everything up. He had his hand on every other thing in her bag. “Thank you.”

Gavin left, and she held out her hand that had been on top of his. She could still feel him there.

She still felt him there even after she went home, closed her door and pressed her back to it.

Dropping her bag on the floor, she let herself touch that spot that she always wanted to touch when she saw Gavin. Now that she had had more contact with him, and knew how he smelled and knew how he felt. Knew the heat of his body…now it was hard not to touch herself and not think about her hand on top of his now rubbing her slick nub. On the train she had had to be careful not to cross her legs, because she knew she could make herself come that way. So she sat with her legs apart. Waiting. Waiting patiently to come home, so she could rub herself in that tiny circular way she did along the side of her clit and make herself come.

She was grinding into her hand, and caressing her full breasts. She let her hand move from around the side of her breast, to hold its fullness and then let her hand trail over her stomach dipping into her navel. Her finger moved there in tandem with her other finger. Nichy slid down the door, her hand moving faster and faster between her legs. Her finger dipped inside of herself like a fountain pen dipping into ink, her finger fully coated with her wetness and she spread her legs all the more. She felt a run along her stockings, and did not care as she caressed her velvetesque lips until she came. Nichy felt the whisper of Gavin’s hand under hers one more time, and finally pressed her legs together. 

Nichy got up, and wobbled a bit–tipsy from vodka gimlets and lust…

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  1. I am loving this. He can’t be THAT much of a gentleman, can he? I really want him to make a move on her…oh so bad. But if all we get are her masturbatory fantasies, I can live with that, too. 😉

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