Get Tied Up: Tied Up Excerpt No. 14 & Contest!!!

Today’s TIE ME UP excerpt is “Femme Soumise,” by V.C. Don’t forget you can now buy the book on AmazonBarnes and Noble and with our amazing publisher, Riverdale Avenue Books!

Or you can win a FREE print copy! Oleander Plume tweeted AMAZING bondage-themed photos leading up to this release, so you have a choice…you can leave me a comment with a bondage-themed photo, or write me a bondage-themed scenario. Make it hot, and the best one wins! 

           The night was as sapphire as the blue of my dress. When I entered into the local coffee shop called The Brew Brothers, the grinding of coffee beans in an espresso machine met my ears, and the earthy, chocolatey aroma became the essence of my mouths desire. And cream. And I wasnt thinking about the kind that would swirl in my coffee. 

           Sitting at a table that was far enough from the entrance but near enough to where Dayita could see me when shed walk in, I looked at my watch. I told her to meet me at eight o’clock on the dot. Not a second less or later. It was 7:59 P.M. My lips curled with satisfactory delight, when Dayita arrived precisely at eight on the dot just as I expected from her. 

            Good, I thought. She looks to be a very promising sub already. 
            When my eyes first glanced at her from my seat, I couldnt help but slide my tongue over my lips and smudging my cherry-red lipstick in the process. And not giving a flying fuck to re-apply it again for first appearances sake. Dayita was worth the minor imperfection. Seeing her in pics where she was gagged, tied up or being spanked was always a pleasure, but in the flesh, I mouthed, 
            She was looked as sexy and alluring, in her tight-fitting black jeans, red buttoned-up blouse and leather jacket, as she did in her leather pony play gear, bottom-less vinyl mini skirt, and leather O-ring embellished corset. Dayita was so tame and demure in person, it made her darker, kinkier side–the one that I knew all too well already–even more incredibly hot. Thats because I knew better. She was a freaky deaky woman like me. 
            When she approached me, I stayed in my seat, looking at her. 
            Hi, Lisa. Nice to meet you! she spoke chirpily with a smooth and seductive Indian accent, and flashed her bright white megawatt smile at me. 
            You arrived just on time. Good girl.
            And boy, wasnt she ever. She was extremely good-looking, she truly was an Indian beauty: curvy and full-figured and dark-skinned as well, as dark as the coffee we were about to drink at any moment now. It was going to be extremely hard for me to not think about drinking her as we sat down to drink our hot, oh so hot, cup.

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