Masturbation Monday No. 32

Nick Drake played dimly in the company library. When the head librarian and archivist left, people were asked to fill in for her in one-hour shifts. Nichy was happy to do so, even without the additional enticement of overtime.

She sat at the desk, rather late…she picked the later shift because she figured that she would not have a lot of activity then, that she would be able to work on her side projects as well. She was in the middle of working on a manuscript, when Gavin walked in. It was late, and she was actually getting ready to start closing up but paused when she saw his tall frame fill the doorway.

“Oh you are doing this?” he grinned at her.

Nichy held her hands behind her back, looked down and nodded.

“I was just about to close up…it was so quiet.”

Gavin raised his eyebrows at her.

“Oh, are you closed?”

She shook her head.

“I just need one magazine, and I know where it is.”

His warmth scent filled their space, she could smell her own perfume from an earlier reapplication when she came onto her library shift. Now she knew what their scents smelled like mingled, knew what it would smell like if they were close before he came inside of her or somewhere on her body. She imagined him coming on her spine of all places for some odd reason, on her spine or the small of her back.

Her fingers skimmed the inside of her skirt, caressing her bare skin. She imagined Gavin’s fingers there. Fantasizing about him this hard when she was still close to him was a delicacy. She saw his body whisper between the shelves, before he came out and faced her again.

“Thanks for letting me in Nichy.”

She nodded. 

“Oh good, it’s still open!”

Their colleague Elberta raced in, and unlike Gavin, did not ask Nichy if she was still open or not. There were still a few good minutes left and Elberta sat down, making it was clear she was not getting up immediately.

“Why is it that I always seem to impose upon you in some way when I see you?” Gavin questioned her as she stood beside him.

Nichy looked up at him, and her hands laced behind her back again. 

“I wanted to close too early, but it’s not a big deal.”

He looked down at her, 

“I just always feel like I owe you Nichy.”

She shook her head and laughed. 

Elberta got up, and acknowledged her on her way out.

“I owe you Nichy,” Gavin said again as he walked out behind Elberta.

“You don’t owe me anything,” Nichy said behind him.

Nichy turned around, and picked up closing up shop as if she had not been interrupted by Gavin or Elberta. She had turned off all of the lights, when her fingers skimmed inside her waistband again. But this time her fingers were tangled in her thong. An open window revealed the full moon, and it drew her to it. It was there with her back to the ladder that was in the aisle, that her desire surged as she caressed her bare skin. Her fingers drifted over her hips, she touched her stomach and dipped a finger into her navel…slowly her finger grazed her hair further down.

She wondered what Gavin liked, what he liked with his girlfriend. She remembered him saying “we” in the bar the other day, and that became her focus. What they were like? Had he ever come on her spine while they were having sex?

Looking up at the full moon, was she mesmerized? Her hand sunk down deeper inside her skirt, the only light on was the moonlight spotlight that caressed her face and upper torso. Nichy looked down as her face contorted with impending release. She was so wet she could barely grip either side of her clit to bring the pressure she needed to come. She smeared the wetness along her, until she felt the coolness from below grazing her clitoris. Where she felt that coolness, she rubbed and came before she even knew she was going to. She wheezed with the force of her desire. It seemed like she was moving like the frantic hands of a clock between her legs even when she brought her hand up, smearing her own ejaculate as she moved her fingers.

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  1. I’m such an impatient person, and I want something to happen with them NOW…but you’re forcing me to slow down, savor the build up, and enjoy the moments. Sadist! I like it. 😉

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