Meet Guest Blogger Anna Sky!

I am sooooooo happy to have the effortlessly sexy Anna Sky on my blog, and even more happy to be book buddies with her in the recently released, Spy Games. In addition to being terribly sexy, she is incredibly smart and savvy about the craft–read for yourself!


 Thank you to the wonderful F. Leonora for inviting me on to her blog today. We’re book buddies in ‘Spy Games’ and I’m constantly bowled away by her infectious enthusiasm and eye for art, photography and writing. Sometimes it’s hard to tear myself away from her Twitter feed!

Talking of Twitter, I describe myself on my Twitter bio as “Corset lover. Tea drinker. Kinky Brit. Published Erotica Writer. Sex Positive Equalist” and I think it sums me up pretty well.

I started writing erotica about the same time as I started exploring my kink side and I see the two things as very closely linked. There is a difference between writing real-life erotica and fictional erotica and it’s taken me a little bit of time to tease out some of the details.

With fiction, I think there’s always an element of autobiography; sometimes it makes a fleeting appearance, other times it’s more obvious. It could be the way something made you feel, a snippet of conversation you overheard or simply using someone you know as inspiration for a character. However, unless someone knows you personally, it’s usually a hidden facet within your writing.

Writing about your sex-life however, there’s nowhere to hide. Every detail that you include is you, and it’s an incredibly vulnerable feeling. It’s also in a lot of ways more honest.

In erotica, you can go where you like, do what (or who!) you like and can exaggerate to the nth degree. As long as whatever you write about is authentic, then you have free rein. I don’t think there’s anything worse than reading a book about BDSM for example, and it’s obvious that no research has been done. As an author I don’t have to have experienced something personally to write about it, but I know that if I don’t have a clue, it’ll shine through in my work. That’s definitely something I want to avoid.

With non-fiction, it is what it is. And I do find that I’m a lot more practical in writing it. In my erotica there’s a lot more sounds and smells whereas in ‘Being Anna’, it was much more of an account of what we did or what we discussed. It’s definitely more about how I felt than lurid descriptions of spanking but I found it a lot harder to write in some ways. However, the experience of writing in a totally different style was a positive one. I’ve started making some notes to create a follow-up after feedback suggested that I had more to say!

That’s the writing side of me but I thought I’d best mention the corsets too. I’d always liked the look of them and my husband bought me my first. I think my hands were trembling with excitement when I pulled it out of the packaging. It’s the one that I’m wearing in my profile picture. Red, sparkly and laced up with ribbons. The amazing thing about corsets for me is how they make me feel. They redefine my shape – pulling and pinching and accentuating.

When we put one of my corsets on (it’s a two-person job), I normally stand in front of the mirror as it gets tightened to watch my shape change – it’s like a metamorphosis, and was the inspiration for my story ‘Butterfly’ published in ‘Naughty Shorts’.

I now own three. The red one that you’ve seen, a purple one with a luxuriant baroque-style swirl pattern and my favourite, a black leather one. This last one is a proper training corset and whilst I don’t wear it that way, it’s certainly a lot more secure than the others, which are more for fashion. Being laced into this one is a lot more physical, and I’d describe it as a form of bondage, both mental and physical. I absolutely love it!

Sexy, smart and savvy, right? Here is where you can stalk Anna, and find the links for all of her books!


Twitter: @iamannasky


  1. I love the distinctions you draw between writing erotica and writing nonfiction. I think it’s a subtlety that a lot of people overlook, but for those of us who move back and forth between the two, those distinctions are really important. And then, there are corsets…I love them too. The one in your profile is a beauty, but I have to admit, the black leather sounds *phenomenal*. Such a lovely post! I’m so happy I got to read it! xx

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