Masturbation Monday No. 33

Crossing her legs made Nichy feel the slickness between them, and she wanted to touch herself even though she was in the office at her desk. That morning she woke up, and her body needed to be touched. Her breasts felt heavy, her breath was heavy along with it. 

She slept naked so it was easy for her to pull her sheets up and stroke herself. Already moist from her dream that was not even sexual, she just sat next to Gavin in it like she had been when he made her wet at the bar after work. Except she was wetter than he had made her. In the dream they could have had sex, but neither of them pressed the issue. Their bodies grazed each other and she could smell him from her memory, the scent of him fresh off the street on a rainy evening before she cried out. She came so fast, she had not even realized she was over the precipice until she was. Her fingers clutched at her slippery labia as if she had lost something, pulling at it, opening it and dipping her fingers inside herself because she needed that release again.

She was late for work because she started again and did not leave until she came, this time consciously. Nichy remembered suddenly she was at work, when she saw an instant message on her screen from Gavin. His message was accompanied by the picture on his ID, which was as gorgeous as he was in person.

His words on the screen were unclear to her at first, as she crossed her legs again and felt the slipperiness that was there. Their benign instant messaging went on, as Nichy realized her legs were so close together…she squeezed and released them. Her crossed legs were so tight that like that morning, she came before she was even aware she was going to. Between her legs thumping, and her eyes teary, Nichy gasped when she looked up and saw Gavin at her cube.

“Hi Nichy, I figured I could just get up and ask you about the files since they are at your desk…Are you okay?”

She smiled, but Nichy feared that she might come again because his being so close made her labia twitch all over again.

“I am fine, just a full-bodied sneeze!” 

Nichy remembered reading a comparison to an orgasm as something like a sneeze, so she felt she had not exactly lied to Gavin. He sat on the edge of her desk, his muscular thighs enticing in jeans. He crossed his legs, so she crossed hers and felt an encore of thumping between her legs.

Gavin stood up, smiling at her.

“Well again I owe you Nichy, thank you for your help!” 

Her smile was soft as they made small talk, but when Gavin walked away she slumped in her chair, the remembrance of her solo pleasure undulated over her entire body it felt like. She closed her eyes, and saw Gavin like a dream…   

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anne sexton’s legs via google images


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