Masturbation Monday No. 34

Gavin did not make it every Friday to the after work outing, but he started making it to enough that Nichy missed him when he did not. She sat with Renee and Tyler in the booth.

“I wonder where Gavin was off to tonight?” Renee said casually.

“Not sure,” Tyler said. “But I am glad to have you ladies to myself!”

Renee grinned, Tyler’s hand high on her thigh. Nichy felt that Renee had a bit of a crush on Tyler, and it looked like it was returned. She saw them getting closer on her periphery, when she was not paying attention to Gavin. Without him there tonight, she was very aware.

They stayed a little later than usual, Renee and Tyler stepped away to go to the bathroom. Nichy was properly hungry, and asked for the menu. Draining the last of her drink, she got up to go to the bathroom where she planned to tease Renee properly. She pushed the door open, and heard the strangled sound of a woman moaning and her moan being then smothered. Nichy recognized Renee’s voice, as she slammed the door to the adjoining stall. There was wide crack between the stalls that made it easy to look into the next stall, and see the reflection of the occupants in this case, on the door that had a mirror. 

Renee’s gorgeous, curvaceous body was displayed: her breasts were being played with alternately and her triangle was covered by Tyler’s hand. He was kissing her neck and fondling her so fiercely, that it was clear she was about to come.

Nichy felt herself tighten, as she lifted her foot to flush the toilet and walked out without pretending to wash her hands.

Gavin was standing at their table, when she returned.

“I was wondering where you guys were!” he grinned.

Nichy smiled nervously, and picked up the menu.

“I thought you went home?”

Gavin looked at her, and shook his head. 

“I did, but I left my wallet in my desk so I checked to see if you guys were still here…are you the last one?”

“No, Renee and Tyler…”

Nichy stopped mid-sentence.

Gavin smiled at her as if he could guess.

“Have you eaten? I am starving!”

“No, I was looking at the menu…”

“Want to share an appetizer?”


She could not stop thinking about Renee in the bathroom about to come with Tyler while she was sitting next to Gavin, the coolness of his pants leg against her bare thigh since her skirt had raised when she sat beside him. It excited her to see them in the stall, but she was jealous because she wished it was her.

Renee walked out with her blouse misbuttoned, and Nichy was too shy to say anything. Gavin was too much of a gentleman to say anything. If she had not walked in on them on the bathroom, Nichy would now know there was something between them. And if she was still clueless, Tyler offered to take Renee home which left her with Gavin, who put her coat on her.

“Don’t you and Gavin take the same train?”Renee questioned.

Nichy nodded, and Gavin took her arm. His touch on was like he was covering her mound, she felt the excitement so instantly.

“Don’t worry, I will get Nichy home safe.” 

“I bet you will!” Tyler grinned at them.

“You knew?” she asked Gavin on the train.

“Yeah!” Gavin nodded. “Tyler is not that much of a gentleman, he talked about what he wanted to do with her. Renee also has not been so quiet about what she wanted to do to him either…”

Nichy nodded remembering Tyler’s insinuations, as they headed for the train.

“You never get involved with office politics Nichy, you are friendly but diplomatic. I like that about you…Renee’s blouse was done wrong…you saw them didn’t you?”

Nicht felt herself tightening all the more.

“A lady would never tell!” she declared.

“And you are quite a lady…”

They talked about other stuff, before Gavin got off one stop before her. 

“Text me when you get home…”

She nodded.

Gavin turned and kissed her cheek, the feeling of his stubble against her skin startled her and shot right to her clit. 

“Get home safe,” she whispered into his cheek.

Nichy pressed her head against the cool glass of the window, her cheek hot with the soft burn of his stubble.

When she got home, she texted him. Not sure whether to be clever or practical, she simply typed:
She was going to tune her phone off, when she saw Gavin had texted back:
Good, goodnight my lady.
Nichy caressed her clit through her dress with the edge of her phone, her cheek still burning quietly with the touch of his against hers. 
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view from the q train via duck duck go images


  1. Jesus. There’s going to be more right? I HAVE to have more. Office politics my ass!! 😜 Gimme Gimme!! Pwease?

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