Point Vamp Sunday Snog 

When Harley walked into her apartment, Veronica paused in the doorway. Her hands were on her hips, as she looked at him. She had been waiting for him, tracking his flight on her phone, and texting him while he was on the plane.

But him in front of her was another thing altogether. His eyes on her were intense, and she felt completely naked though she was wearing a flouncy floral dress. Harley left his carry-on at the door, and walked toward her.

Veronica was overwhelmed by him, the usual flip flops that she felt when she saw him were intensified, beyond anything she ever felt before. It was overwhelming because when Max came to visit her and they had the conversation that they had had, she had resisted him because she was with Harley now. But it was this moment that she realized that she had really fallen in love with Harley, and her body was going wild now that he was back and in front of her. She took in his warm scent, and the coolness of his suit as he stood in front of her.

Harley’s hands rested on her hips, he pressed her against the doorjamb. She smiled as his face came closer to hers, closed her eyes as they kissed and licked his lips softly as they parted. Veronica pressed herself closer to him, and sucked on his lower lip until Harley groaned softly. He swept his hand along the side of her body, his hand resting again on her hip and they kissed.

Veronica kept her hands pressed to his chest, loving the feel of the fabric of his suit against her palms and looked up into his eyes.

“Did you miss me?” he queried.

Veronica nodded and pressed her face to his chest. They walked over to her sofa, and he placed her on his lap, where she loved the feeling of his suit now on her bare bottom since her dress had raised up under her. The feeling of the suit replaced by his hand, Veronica rubbed lasciviously against them both as she kissed him.

Only her mouth could communicate what she wanted to tell him. She didn’t only miss him, but she was falling in love with him she realized and it rendered her speechless. Wordless, she kissed his suit jacket and savored the texture on her lips.

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kiss via wikimedia


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