Masturbation Monday No. 35

Renee twirled her e-cigarette nervously between her fingers, Nichy watched her.

“I realized that my blouse was buttoned wrong, and you said nothing about it. You are really a lady,” Renee closed her eyes as she inhaled to punctuate her statement.

Nichy remembered the visual of Gavin’s text to her that ended “my lady.” He had called her a lady, and she guessed that she was since Renee had reiterated it. The two women had gone out for coffee after work, because Renee wanted to talk about Tyler.

“He makes me want it so bad, I barely made it through the day. I got up to masturbate more than I went to the bathroom. I needed to touch the part of my cunt where I usually feel him when we are fucking. Just that sweet part of my clit that he hits or rubs…Just talking about it, I want to touch myself.” Renee paused and crossed and uncrossed her legs. She inhaled again.

Nichy remembered seeing them at the bar in the bathroom, and prayed that Renee would not make that connection. That image had stayed with her, and she fell asleep that night with her hand cupping her own breast and imagining that Gavin was the one cupping it. The need to cross and uncross her own legs was prevalent, but she did not want Renee to think she was mimicking her to make fun of her.

Renee pulled at her short skirt, and then rested her hand on the inside of her thigh. Nichy watched her as she twirled her e-cigarette and absently caressed the top of her thigh, her hand creeping up until it was just under her skirt.

“It’s like I am addicted to fucking him!” Renee exhaled roughly. “I cannot stop thinking about fucking him, it feels like he is fucking me when he is not!”

Nichy finally crossed her legs, and right then noticed Gavin at the bar. He was getting coffee, and she looked at him until Renee turned and saw him.

“Gavin!” Renee yelled, and then turned back to Nichy. “If he comes over here, at least I will fucking stop talking about fucking Tyler!”

Nichy smiled weakly, maybe Renee would be distracted but she would not. Gavin walked over. The sight of his suspenders made her heart race as much as it had when she saw him in the office, as it did now.

“I did not see you ladies!” he said, and sat down beside Nichy on the couch. She had picked up her bag so he could, and the feeling of his thigh against hers made her cross her legs again.

“Nichy saw you first, so I followed her eyes…”

Renee picked up her coffee, and complained it was cold. 

“Do you guys want to come to my place? I definitely have something hot there!”

Nichy looked at Gavin, who picked up his cup.

“Why not?” he said.

“Good,” Renee breathed as she stood up. “I do not want to be alone tonight.”

In a small space of time, Nichy was sitting on Renee’s couch next to Gavin. Renee brought her cold coffee to her apartment. But she drank so much scotch while she gossiped about the office, that she fell asleep on the couch knocking over a carton of sweet and sour pork. Some of the sweet and sour sauce dripped over her knee slowly. 

Nichy reached over and picked up the container, using chopsticks to pick up a piece of pork. 

“Let me have some too,” Gavin said. She looked at him before picking up a piece of pork to feed him. They ate the sweet and sour pork like that, until they were interrupted unceremoniously by snoring. Renee’s mouth was parted as she gently snored. Nichy looked at Gavin, and laughed. 

“I do not want to wake her up,” Nichy said.

“She’ll get up,” Gavin said leaning back on the couch, and stretching out his long legs on the table.

Nichy saw that Renee clutched her thigh while she slept, and the same as in the coffee shop she watched her hand drift up her thigh. But asleep, Renee had no filter. Her hand went right under her skirt, and her snores turned into moans. Gavin looked like he was going to sleep himself, but those moans made him fully awake.

Her moans were not as gentle as her snores, and their breathing quickened in conjunction.

“Come on,” Nichy said and took Gavin’s hand. “Let’s pretend to wash some dishes.”

Gavin nodded as he watched Renee’s hips move. Nichy could not stop looking at her either until they were in the kitchen. Holding the scotch, Gavin picked up the glasses and poured some out for the two of them. 

Nichy took her glass from him, and they clinked. She needed something. Renee had completely saturated her evening with sex. She picked up the chopsticks, and started to eat more sweet and sour pork.

“Do you want any?”

Gavin shook his head, and poured more scotch for himself.

“Hey, I can do the dishes. You guys are so sweet!” Renee padded barefoot past them, and preceded to wash the tiny bit of dishes. 

Nichy and Gavin kept looking at each other. 

“Why are you guys so quiet?” Renee said over the running water.

“Well you fell asleep!” Nichy said, and Gavin laughed to back her up.

“Sorry I was a bad hostess!”

They all laughed, and it was as if they were just that thankful she was not still fucking herself that they gossiped again.

Nichy was restless, her own lust had reached its peak. She couldn’t stop thinking about if she was Renee, and Gavin was Tyler. Would she be as addicted to him? Well she had already fucked herself from just having a cup of coffee with him, what did she think? She practically wanted to act like she was drunk so she could come onto him and say it was the scotch.

Gavin’s hand moved over her backside accidentally, because they were so close.

“Sorry,” he said quickly, and she nodded without looking up at him. She put her hand over his, and their fingers tangled on the counter.

“Dessert? Does anyone want dessert?”

Nichy wanted dessert very much…

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  1. *head in hands sobbing from the frustration and torment caused by F Leonora’s masturbation Monday posts*

    Ok, well that was another really hot installment, thank you. Will Nichy get her dessert is the question?

      1. No!!! *deep breath* maybe I need to work on that, start doing yoga or something. I’m not very zen, all about the big bang… if you know what I mean lol!

  2. I like delayed gratification and I like this. Like a bent blues note, the pain of discord begs for resolution but in equal parts hopes it never ends. (I have been slapped for making a woman wait when she was right there..right There!)

      1. Do you think writing a story in four acts over four days, each of the first three days with intense arousal but no resolution, ending on the fourth day in a slow burning march toward multiple orgasmic delights, would appeal to our type of readers?

  3. You’re killing me! And damn that Renee sounds like a whole bunch of fun, lol.

    (I added this link to the Masturbation Monday page so others would find it, too. :-D)

      1. Don’t be sorry! I actually did it myself one Monday…forgot all about it until it was time to start reading the posts.

        And yay, I inspired Renee! I consider that a huge honor. 😀

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