Wicked Wednesday #153 — Dating

Eliza picked up a picture of Sandrine from the dresser table. She was incredibly young in the picture, probably around the time that she had met her when Sandrine was with Rafe. In this picture, she was alone. A little further back, she picked up a picture of Sandrine that was taken years later. In this picture, she was not alone, she was with Marcus who looked very young as well.

The apartment was filled with a soundtrack of Nick Drake, and the smell of food that Marcus was warming. It was just after midnight, and she was alone with her friend’s gorgeous husband and her equally gorgeous if not actor-gorgeous fiancé knew exactly where she was. Knew exactly what could happen while she was there.

Eliza was silent, as she walked to the kitchen.

Marcus turned around, as if he felt her walk into the room.

“How did you hear me?” she smiled.

“I have two kids, I have ultra senses as far as stuff like that is concerned. Sandrine and I both. Parents makes you almost superhuman!”

Eliza smiled and leaned her hip against the island in the center of the kitchen. Watching Marcus prepare just a salad to accompany the amazing smell that was in the kitchen, she observed the attention he gave to even the smallest details which awed her. 

“You are so surprised that I am good in the kitchen?” he looked up at her over chopped scallions.

“I haven’t tasted anything yet,” she teased.

Her teasing ended when she finished the meal with him, both of them sitting at the island.

“This was how I seduced Sandrine,” he smiled. “When I was a waiter and was not working like I am now, I used to cook for her. I remember I would bring her home all hours of the night after my shifts to cook for her. We would be in the subway, sometimes just the two of us and we could not keep our hands off of each other. I would feel her against me, her lips on mine and we practically had sex on the platform. Once there was a man lying on the ground. I am not sure if he was homeless or dead, we almost had sex in front of him but the train came. I think we would have had sex in the car, but there were people there so we didn’t.”

“Are you trying to seduce me?”

Tired of playing coy, Eliza put down her fork and looked at him. A long look that let him know that she was serious. She had told Rafe that she thought that Marcus was beautiful way before she would have been able to be in the situation she was in now. When Sandrine first started dating him, she had confessed that.

Marcus pulled on his undone tie, and looked at her with the same look. His face was equally as serious.

“Do you want me to seduce you Eliza?”

She continued to look at him.

“I don’t know.”

“Whatever you decide, they know we are both here. They know what we are capable of, if we want to.”

Eliza nodded and squeezed the petals of the flowers that the driver of the car had given her when she got in.

“I don’t know what I want…” she mused absently to herself not looking at him, and savoring the stickiness of the torn petal between her fingers.

“Do you want me?”

“What woman wouldn’t want you?” she questioned, the defined stickiness of the petal between her fingers making her think of the stickiness between her legs when he came off the set to see her and right now.

“Come here,” he said.

Eliza stayed still.


The second time he asked her, she walked over to him. Standing between his legs, and putting her sticky fingers on his shoulder, she looked in his eyes.

“You’re beautiful and Sandrine’s friend, and she told me not to pressure you. I would never pressure you. This is our first date, I am just happy to spend time with you.”

Eliza threw her arms about his neck, 

“I want you so much, it scares me.”

Marcus kissed the inside of her arm, her wrist and her hand. His lips lingered there, before he looked up at her.

“Don’t be afraid, I want everything you want. I waited this long, I am not rushing this. You. I want you to burn with desire for me before I even touch you. I want you to want it so bad it consumes you. I want to consume you like this meal we shared. I want to share something special with you.”

Eliza was sure she blushed from head to toe with the feeling of his lips on her skin, and the warmth of his words.

She was already starting to burn.
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  1. Oh my god. This scene, this conversation, this whole situation..it’s so tense and real. I want to be there. I’m so happy I got to read it at the very least. Beautiful. xxx

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