Sunday Snog — Mother’s Day Edition

Veronica stood on her toes like she did when she was a ballerina, stepping out of the extraordinarily high heels that Harley had bought her and asked her to wear.

“I was coming out of the hotel, on my way back and I saw these and imagined seeing you in them.”

The heels were far higher than anything she would usually have worn, but she wore them for the Mother’s Day dinner that Gwennie took her to with Nich.

And Max.

Max’s kiss on her cheek was cold, but thorough and his hand on her hip heavy with emotion he could not express.

Harley beamed for the entire night, but even though when he was sitting next to her he did not touch her. But she could feel that he wanted to by the way he didn’t touch her. She slipped her feet out of the come-fuck-me pumps that he bought her, their heels so very high they were more like come-fuck-the-shit-out-of-me pumps.

And she wanted him to.

The dinner was like an out of body experience for her. She knew that she was supposed to seem like mom, but she was not feeling like that at all. Max barely looked at her, but she could tell by the tight way that he held his utensils and the way his hands were balled into fists that he was mad. For the first time, she did not care. Her hands ached to touch Harley, but she practiced the same restraint that he was practicing by not touching her at the table.

The chocolate lava cake that she ate was so decadent that she knocked over one heel with her toes that responded to the velvet flavor and texture in her mouth. Her shoe fell on Harley’s foot, and when she bent to pick it up after she could not set it upright with her toes, he rested his hand on her knee and the clenching was so tight between her legs that she closed her eyes with the sensation.

It was that singular sensation that haunted her for the rest of the dinner, it only did not haunt her in the moment that Gwennie wrapped her arms about her. She held her daughter so close. She loved her so much that she wanted to hold her forever, her sweet scent of the same perfume that she wore made her feel like a part of her. This gorgeous, gorgeous girl was hers.

And Max’s.

His kiss goodbye was brutal, and his hand on her hip so hard that she was almost sure that he was trying to bruise her.

But it was now out of her shoes, on her tiptoes like the dancer that she used to be that she tilted her head back. Her head tilted back onto Harley’s chest, as he finally touched her. He kissed the nape of her neck, and she moaned softly. The feeling of his lips and the slightest moisture from between them, mirrored what was happening between her legs.

He kissed between her shoulder blades, his hands on her breasts. Harley’s hands moved from her breasts to her hips as he kissed the small of her back, and she parted her legs unconsciously. His lips dragged from the small of her back to the dimple on one buttock and dipped into the divide of them. 

Veronica saw her eyes widen from a distance quickly in the mirror that was in the next room before they closed as he parted her buttocks and licked at her anus. 

Her eyes remained closed and she slumped a bit, as he continued to pleasure her there. The heat between her legs felt like liquid, as she placed her hands on the wall before her. 

This was not how she had experienced Mother’s Day for a very long time. Being the pearl-wearing mom at dinner…well she was still wearing pearls. The heels were now off her feet, but their message was going to be heeded she imagined as she opened her eyes, looked down and saw them on their sides at her feet. 

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heels in a hotel window photo by f dot leonora

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