Masturbation Monday No. 36

Third time is a charm.

Nichy slipped her foot out of her shoe. She was working as substitute librarian again, and Renee had decided to keep her company. Renee who was still talking about how much she missed Tyler, who would be back the following week and apparently missed her as well.

“See? How am I supposed to get any work done if he is going to send me pictures like this?”

Nichy scraped the rug with her toe as she looked at the screenshot of Tyler with his beautifully erect shaft in his hand. He rubbed the space between his belly button, and the tip of his penis while tugging at his balls. The next shot was of his stomach covered with his come, and apparently some had gotten onto the camera. There was a splotch from a glob of something on the screen.  

“He shot onto the screen, he said because he was so hot from thinking about me and he sent this to me and I can’t–”

Renee’s hand was on her thigh, sunk between her legs as she leaned into Nichy.

“There is a bathroom here, right?”

Nichy nodded as she watched Renee sashay through past her desk, and disappear to where the bathrooms were. She was pretty sure Renee would not have cared if she knew that she and Gavin had seen her masturbating in her sleep…was she even sleeping Nichy wondered in retrospect.

“Stop daydreaming!”

The sound of Gavin’s voice made her breathless, she looked at him with a smile.

“I was not daydreaming,” she said crooking her finger so she could whisper to him, and pointed. “Renee’s in there.”


“In the bathroom, doing it again except this time she is definitely awake!”

Gavin stared at her, and Nichy was surprised he was not smiling. He looked terribly awkward, and stared into her eyes for longer than usual.

“She was keeping me company, and she got a sext from Tyler and…”

“I came to keep you company too, but I can’t deal with that again Nichy.”

“Well I don’t want to be in the middle of someone else’s sex life either! I feel frustrated, and I am not even getting any dick pics!”

Gavin stared at her, and she wished she could clamp her hand over her mouth. She should have known better than to talk about Renee, but it was something they had shared together.

“I’m sorry…I just…” 

Gavin leaned over the desk so his face was closer to hers. She got hot, and his body felt exceptionally warm as well.

“What are you sorry for?”

Nichy studied his face, she was not sure what he was thinking.

“For telling you about Renee, it is awkward…”

He moved his fingers across her lips.

“This is awkward Nichy.”

“I know…I’m…”


He tilted his head to the side, she tilted hers to the side. It was the most awkward position ever, but they were going to kiss.

The door to the bathroom opened, and Nichy was startled.

“I feel so much better Nichy!” Renee looked at the two of them, with a weird smile on her face. “Hi Gavin,” she purred sounding sexy, post solo session in the bathroom.

“Renee,” he answered.

Nichy looked at them, and sucked on her bottom lip. She tasted the kiss that she had just missed. Would it have been so horrible if she had kissed Gavin, since she could still see Tyler’s ejaculate on the screen of the photo that Renee had showed her?

“I came to keep Nichy company, but if you are already here…”

“Stay Gavin, maybe you can tell me something about men…”

They were both going to stay, but for some reason this night a lot of people were in the library. Nichy ached when Gavin touched her hand and smiled.

“I’ll see you Nichy.”

She nodded. 

Renee was gone by then too, but she had hoped to be alone with Gavin eventually. To share an awkward or proper kiss. 

But she was not alone with him again until she was dreaming, and even then he did not kiss her. The sensation of her desire was so strong it wrapped about her like she wanted Gavin to, and she moved within it so wet she could barely get a grip on her clit to make herself come.

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cropped library photo by exposing40 


  1. I really enjoy the interplay of your characters and how sexuality seems to move between them like an uncontrolled spirit. Where did this story begin? Could you please link to it or tell me how to search for it? Thanks

      1. Well, at first I figured he had a girlfriend or whatever, so I considered it honorable. But damn? To lean in like that and walk away? Grrrrrr…

        I do like Renee but I don’t like cock/pussy blocking. Especially from someone who’s SO oblivious. How can she not see? Or if she DOES see, why isn’t she helping to facilitate?

        That being said, I’ve become so invested in the story that I have concrete opinions regarding the behavior of fictional characters – THAT’S a job well done. 🙂

      2. i am terribly chuffed that so many people care so much about my characters, and am terribly thankful to you for providing this vehicle for which I can ride this out! xxx

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