Kink of the Week, May 1-15 Face-sitting

“Where I am from? Why do you need to know?”

She looked at him, startled. It was like she had broken the moment. His hand loosened on her knee, and he sat back with a deep sigh.

“Forget I asked, ” she said spilling a little scotch on her thighs.

When she attempted to stand up, his hand tightened again on her knee.

“What?” she said standing up and he stood up with her, looked down at her and touched her trembling lower lip.

“I am right now, right here. Here with you.” His fingers on her lip felt the the tips of matches, and she get hot, very hot. Under her arms were moist with perspiration and desire. He looked into her eyes. “Where are you?”

“Here with you,” she said without delay.

“Let’s go back. Or do you want to leave with me?”

“Both,” she said. She raised her glass to sip her scotch, desperate to dampen her parched lips and swallowed before even a bit of scotch had gone between them.

She walked off the balcony with him, so lightheaded with desire it felt like people were circling around her like the end of Ring Around the Rosie. She felt his hand strong on the small of her back, keeping her erect.

Their friends and colleagues voices and faces were disembodied, as she was blind and deaf to everything but him. It was like she had drunk too much which she had not, she was only intoxicated with him.

He slipped her shawl about her shoulders, and his hand burned through it like the sun on naked skin as they descended into the night. The moon sobered her, and she began to walk upright and with purpose.

Pauline’s memories were soft as she remembered the first time she and Henry…she had walked onto the balcony with him. What they shared there reminded her of Baudelaire’s poem, The Balcony. Alone with him in bed, was where the summit of their passion was reached. Each of them concerned with the other’s passion more than their own she had felt. The way he worshipped first her labia and then her anus, Pauline shivered from head to toe with the pleasure he bestowed upon her. His mouth described love that she was not sure he could say another way. his kisses were open and honest in a way she felt no one had ever been with her. Her thrusts against his face, were her acknowledgment of his love and desire. As much as she wanted to just say it was the sensation that was driving her. His lips soft on her ass and her breasts in his hands, Pauline shook from impact of her orgasm. Henry caressed her hips and cheeks to soothe her.

When she opened her eyes and the lights spun about her because she had closed them so tight, she fell forward and kissed his shaft just once. She was too drowsy with desire to reciprocate, as still he kissed her ass in homage. His tongue moved in thick strokes about her cheeks, painting her thickly with lust. 

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Kink of the Week

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      1. I sure still have to discover more stories from your blog, I’ll take some time to it in the next few weeks 🙂

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