Sunday Snog & Prose Prompt

“You should get another one, you love them!” Nich said to her.

Gwendolyn could still feel his soft kisses on her cheek, along her neck and finally on her mouth from before they sat down to brunch.

“No, you are trying to get me drunk so you can have you way with me!”

“If I wanted to have my way with you Gwendolyn, I would not need to get you drunk to do it. You love peach bellinis, so have another!”

“No!” she said laughing. 

Her entire body warmed because it was true, he did not have to make her drink to get her to do what he wanted. She crossed her legs, and the excitement that she felt was exhilarating but at the same time something she had never felt before.

She had been with other guys before, but Nich was the first guy who she was really with. He felt like a part of her, maybe it was because they shared dance as a passion. And maybe in no small part, because he made her feel like she was reliving her favorite love story ever.

There were so many pictures of her mother and father when they were young in their apartment still, even though they were no longer together. Gwendolyn did not feel like some children of divorced parents felt when their parents ended their marriage. Because of dance, her family had to sort of stay connected. Her parents in particular, wanted to maintain a united front for her.

So when she was with Nich, it felt like they should end up being the same way. That they should end up together. What else could explain the difference in her since they became a couple? She trusted him to do things to make her feel better, and to make her a better person.

“You know you want another one!”

Gwendolyn looked down at her sweating bellini.

She did, and they were in a restaurant just outside of where they were doing the workshop today, where they did not ask for her identification and just gave her the bellini. She could get them in the city too–they did not ask her a lot there because she was becoming something of a celebrity. But she had never had a drink without her mother’s permission, though her mother was very lax about letting her drink so it was not an issue.

But she realized that Nich was an adult , and that it would be okay if she had another. It made her realize the shift in her life that she was thinking about someone else being the adult besides her parents. That someone else could take care of her. Even though very soon, she would be the responsible adult , as she was going to turn twenty-one.

“Okay,” she said. “I’ll have another.”

Nich smiled at her, put his arm about her and pressed his lips to hers.

“That is all I want more of a peach bellini. The taste of it on your lips Gwendolyn.”

She closed her eyes, as his still mouth now pressed to hers with desire. She could taste the peach bellini on his lips, and that was all she wanted as far as peach bellinis went as well. 

More snogs here! This snog also fulfills a Prose prompt where you can find me as fdotleonora, and a challenge by Charlie!!!

bellini photo by f dot leonoraIMG_0035.PNG

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