Masturbation Monday No. 38

When Nichy’s buzzer buzzed, she assumed that it was Gavin–not wanting to wait for date night after all. “Nichy?” 

Renee’s scratchy voice was disembodied coming through her speaker, as she buzzed her in. Her friend’s actual presence was even more unsettling than her voice was.

“Are you okay Nichy? I was trying to get in contact with you all day, but I kept getting your voicemail.”

“Why, what happened with Tyler?”

Renee stared at her.

“I did not come here to talk about Tyler, I came to see you! To make sure you were not dead or something. You never take time off.”

“Well I needed some time to myself.”

Nichy’s body still buzzed from making out with Gavin. She could still smell his warm scent, and feel the scruff of his beard against her face. Felt his hands on her body…she was saturated with desire all over again.

“Why are you being so mysterious Nichy? What is going on?”

“Nothing,” Nichy said quickly. “Would you like some wine?”


Nichy knew that she would be able to distract Renee with the offer of liquor. Renee plopped down sloshing red wine on herself and the couch. Nichy looked at the bruise-colored stain, and shrugged her shoulders.

“And Tyler did come in today…” Renee started.

Nichy drank a few more glasses of Lambrusco than she was planning to. The sweet red wine tasted like bubbly punch. And there was really no words to get in edgewise, once Renee started talking.

“I covered the library today since you were out–”

Nichy pressed the back of her hand to her mouth but before she got an apology out, Renee continued.

“Tyler came in to keep me company. He was sitting next to me, and since the library was empty…and since we had not seen each other for a long time…” Renee looked dreamily into space, and then finally purred. “He plays my pussy like a violin…”

Nichy remembered almost kissing Gavin in the library, and actually kissing him just moments ago. Renee had a knack for getting her wound up. She wished Gavin had come back to see her, instead of listening to Renee who was making her body heavy with desire telling her about Tyler.

They both jumped when wild lightning flashed first, then deafening thunder followed it.

The pouring rain outside made Renee sit up straight. 

“Do you mind if I stay over? I know it sounds terrible, but I am afraid of thunderstorms.”

“Sure,” Nichy shrugged. “It’s late anyway.”

Nichy got up, and pulled out her own stuff out of her overnight bag since she did not often have guests stay over. She placed everything on the couch where Renee sat stiff, just nodding to show her appreciation for the donation.

Nichy got herself ready for bed, her body was soft and desired to be touched. Renee had made her want to be touched even more than she had already wanted to be. The sheets aroused her as she got into bed. The rain poured steadily against the window, and lightning in broad white bursts like the Fourth of July before finally thunder so heavy. Renee jumped into her bed, and under the covers with her.

With Renee in her bed, she was even more restless than she would have been if she had been in bed alone.

Renee shifted more than the occurrences of lightning and thunder combined, which made Nichy lie in bed with her eyes open. When the rain subsided, Nichy’s eyes got heavier than her desire. She was drifting into sleep when she felt Renee her body pressed close to hers, Renee’s arms about her. She shifted to get out of her embrace, but Renee grabbed her breast and moaned between her shoulder blades. Nichy jumped out of bed. 


Renee rolled around, and covered her head with the sheets.

Nichy realized she was not going to get a bit of sleep in the same bed with Renee, so she let her have it.

In the morning, Nichy found herself with her head on her arms at her dresser. She felt that she had not had enough sleep, but at least the sun was out. Nichy got up and got ready for work, after she had hit Renee several times to make her get up. 

To no avail.

When Renee finally woke up, she walked into the bathroom with just a thong. Nichy felt Renee’s breasts pressed to her back again. She was not sure how much more of Renee as a sexual being she could take, between her stories and having her in her bed. Renee telling her that sitting in the same chair that she had sat in, where she had almost kissed Gavin for the first time, that Tyler had caressed her thighs and that he had touched them slowly, digging his finger in the part between her upper thighs until felt the hair between her legs. He ran his fingers through it, ran his fingers through her hair and circled her labia, until he felt felt her wetness which he smeared first in her pubic hair…before played her like a violin…before she came in the chair Nichy usually sat in as faux librarian.

Nichy smiled at Renee who walked past her into the bathroom. She waited for Renee to get ready so she could lock up after her, and fished through her bag for her phone when she saw it:


I can still taste your lips.

Nichy pressed her lips to the phone, where Gavin’s text was located with anticipation…

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lightning via wiki commons



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